Airdrop Guide: Crypto Airdrop List, Latest Tips and Explanations

Crypto airdrops are giveaways designed to draw attention to new tokens. Investors are attracted via the airdrops or rewarded for their loyalty.

Anyone who enjoys a Crypto Airdrop can look forward to some free coins . Because a crypto airdrop is the free distribution of coins using the watering can method .

But many people wonder if the crypto airdrops are really serious , where to get them and what to watch out for.

We have therefore taken on the topic and tried to answer all questions in our Crypto Airdrop statement . On this page you will find everything you ever wanted to know about airdrop cryptos.

Crypto Airdrop Meaning

What are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto Airdrop is the free distribution of tokens and crypto assets. A small group of recipients can then count themselves lucky and get a crypto asset transferred free of charge with an airdrop.

Similar to a giveaway , real crypto airdrops are free and do not involve any disadvantages for the recipient. However, the recipients must have a suitable wallet in order to be able to receive and store the free crypto sample at all.

What types of Crypto Airdrops are there?

Do I have to pay taxes in USA Crypto Airdrop?

Are Airdrop Cryptos Really Always Absolutely Free?

How does Crypto Airdops work?

In some cases, the crypto airdrops are also distributed directly by the crypto wallet providers. In the majority of cases, this is a bonus that is given either to new customers or to users who have been loyal to them for many years.

Again and again, the receipt of cryptocurrencies via Airdrop is subject to small conditions . So sometimes the free coins are only available after completing a small task.

For example, from time to time you are asked to post something on social media about the cryptocurrency. Or there are the Airdrop cryptos, for example, only for people who sign up for the Telegram channel of a new crypto project.

Future Crypto Airdrops List

Project abbreviation airdrop amount end date
YOYO YOYO 185 million YOYO 01/27/2022
Leonicoin SWAP LEOS 120,000 LEOS 01/30/2022
Artistic ARTY 1 million ARTY 02/07/2022
anonymous ANON 1000 NFT 02/10/2022
2crazyNFT 2CRZ 3.88 million 2CRZ 02/10/2022
Koi Metaverse KOI 600,000 KOI 04/01/2022
Quarashi QUA 200,000 SQ 03/14/2022
Gas DAO GAS 500 billion GAS 04/30/2022
OpenDAO SOS 50 trillion SOS 06/29/2022

Why are crypto airdrops performed?

The idea behind most crypto airdrops is usually that the developers want to draw attention to a new crypto project through the action. Therefore, the vast majority of airdrops are limited to relatively young cryptos .

But the distribution of tokens via a crypto airdrop is sometimes also pushed by well-known wallet providers and crypto exchanges . Because long-standing customers can also be rewarded for their loyalty via Crypto Airdrops.

A special form are regular bonuses , which are sometimes offered over a longer period of time. The reason for such crypto airdrops is usually that the holding period is to be extended.

Airdrops can also be used to positively influence market capitalization . Because the price of crypto assets is formed by the balance between supply and demand, a longer holding period can push a new crypto project upwards.

If the owners of the tokens do not always sell everything again immediately, but instead reduce the supply by holding it longer, the price can rise. Some Airdrop Crypto campaigns are therefore structured in such a way that the owners keep receiving small amounts of tokens as a loyalty bonus and are therefore more willing to leave the crypto asset in the wallet as a hold position in the long term.

How do I get Airdrops?

The procedure is sometimes a bit complicated. Normally, the Airdrop Coins are only credited after certain requirements have been met. In addition to the task of promoting the coin, there is often the requirement that you have to open a new wallet.

How do I use Airdrops?

Each airdrop has a slightly different procedure for getting hold of them. But as soon as you have the crypto asset in your wallet, you can use it just like other cryptos. So it is either possible to sell or save the crypto value.

A little patience can be worthwhile for cryptocurrencies that are still unknown . Because if the price rises, receiving a cryptocurrency for free could later become much more lucrative.

How do I find the best airdrops?

There are a number of Crypto Airdrop lists on the Internet where new projects are presented. Since the topic arouses a little less interest in Germany than in the USA, there is still no really good platform for Crypto Airdrops in German .

The developers of new tokens often put information on the Internet via social media. The promotions are advertised on Twitter and Crypto Airdrop Reddit forums. Anyone looking to keep an eye out for future Crypto Airdrops 2022 should also keep an eye on the latest projects on the Crypto Launchpads .

With some well-known platforms, such as Binance , there are always airdrops for existing customers. Sometimes new deposits or holding certain assets are rewarded with bonuses. If you already have a crypto broker, you can also ask your broker's customer service for free coins.

Are there also risks with airdrops?

Obtaining free tokens does not involve any risk in and of itself. Because the little crypto gifts are free. Even if the value of the coins should fall, you have not lost any of your own money. In addition, the cryptos distributed via an airdrop can also be sold. Nobody has to keep the Crypto Airdrops in their wallet for a long time afterwards.

However, one must note that not all cryptocurrencies that rely on airdrops as a marketing tool will be successful in the long term. Some cryptocurrencies that are hyped up via freebies must therefore also be viewed critically. Because the method can lead to a short-term distortion of the market .

When we look at the specific risks , there are two main scenarios to consider. The first would be a “pump-and-dump scheme” scenario , where a price is pushed up in the short-term by media-driven demand.

While early investors can sometimes even make big profits in such developments by jumping off in good time , there's always the danger of missing the best time to sell. But if you only wake up after the crash and then try to get rid of the tokens, you will often have to accept losses.

The other risk is that there are sometimes dubious crypto assets that are only used to raise capital for the issuer . These then try, for example, to achieve a certain level of awareness via airdrops.

After that, money for a start-up or a supposed business idea is often to be collected via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). As soon as enough tokens have been sold, the project will be stopped without a murmur, which can sometimes almost come as a bruise for the investors or even a scam .

How are airdrops taxed?

The topic of the Crypto Airdrop tax has already led to heated discussions. Because the Treasury looks at the cryptocurrency scene with eagle eyes and some experts feared tax effects, especially with the regular airdrops.

However, because they are promotional gifts (and not interest or dividends), receiving airdrops is tax-free. Most of the tax advisors we know classify the Free Crypto Airdrops as random profits.

Similar to a small lottery win, no tax obligations would be due. Because you can imagine Airdrop Cryptos like a chance find of a coin on the street , we also think this view is correct.

If in doubt, it is always advisable to contact your own tax advisor. Because the legal situation surrounding the taxation of crypto assets is changing and the finance ministers are trying to cut off an ever larger piece of the pie.Conclusion

What at first glance looks like a great thing is not always advantageous. The real value of the airdrops is often relatively small. Therefore, the profit potential is controversial. Not all Airdrop Cryptos are also successful in the long term.

While no one would turn down a free giveaway, we think the strategy of looking for crypto airdrops is wrong. Because investors' time is better invested on modern trading platforms . For example, leveraged trading can often achieve more profit in just a few minutes than can be found with Crypto Airdrops.