Moscow Time (Bitcoin): A Comprehensive Guide

Decoding Moscow Time (Bitcoin): Insights and Implications

What is Moscow Time (Bitcoin)

The concept of Moscow Time and Bitcoin was known to the American government (House Committee) by a video call by Twitter boss Jack Dorsey.

In the background of the video recording, an analog clock with the number 1952 was seen. Since it was just 9:52 a.m. in California at the time, some present speculated whether Jack Dorsey was in a different time zone.

Chris Vickery suspected that Dorsey was in Moscow as it was in Moscow at that time. But that couldn't be, because Dorsey's windows seemed to be bright sunshine.

Jack Dorsey has set up a block clock that shows the current Satoshi Prize in USD. A Satoshi is the smallest unit in the Bitcoin network and corresponds to 1/100000000 BTC.

then follows that at the time of the video call 1 USD = 1952 Satoshis . The lower the value of the Bitcoin clock, the higher the Bitcoin price in USD.

Jack Dorsey has once again shown himself as a big Bitcoin advocate and sent a secret message to the world. :-)