NFT Wallet Comparison 2024: Top 7 Wallets in the Test

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NFT Wallet Comparison 2024: Top 7 Wallets in the Test

Table of Content

  1. NFT Wallet Comparison 2024: Top 7 Wallets in the Test
  2. NFT Wallet Ledger
  3. MetaMask NFT Wallet + NFT LaunchPad
  4. NFT Wallet
  5. What is an NFT Wallet?
  6. The best NFT Wallet combo: MetaMask in combination with the NFT LaunchPad
  7. NFT Wallet Review: The 7 Best NFT Wallets in Comparison
  8. Metamask NFT Wallet
  9. NFT Wallet
  10. NFT Wallet Coinbase
  11. Alpha NFT Wallet
  12. Trust NFT Wallet
  13. Enjin NFT Wallet
  14. Kukai NFT Wallet
  15. Math NFT Wallet
  16. Creating an NFT Wallet: Here's how it works!
  17. Why do you need a wallet for NFTs?
  18. Basic knowledge: How an NFT wallet works
  19. What requirements should a good NFT wallet meet? Functions & Special Features
  20. Compatibility
  21. Usability
  22. Safety
  23. Customer
  24. Multichain
  25. Is it possible to create NFT wallets for free?
  26. Which is the best NFT wallet for Ethereum based NFTs?
  27. Conclusion on the NFT wallet comparison
  28. NFT Wallet FAQs

NFT Wallet Comparison 2024: Top 7 Wallets in the Test

Cryptocurrency and NFT wallets play an integral role in the investment process since they allow investors to securely store their cryptocurrencies and NFTs. As a result of the exponential growth of the NFT industry, investors now have access to hundreds of NFT wallet applications, each of which offers unique tools and features.

To facilitate the decision-making process, this NFT Wallet Review discusses the best NFT Wallets in detail. We'll look at the main options available to investors and show you how to set up an NFT wallet in just a few minutes. Below is the selection of the best wallets:

Here are our 3 NFT Wallet Favorites:

NFT Wallet Ledger

MetaMask NFT Wallet + NFT LaunchPad NFT Wallet

What is an NFT Wallet?

The best NFT Wallet combo: MetaMask in combination with the NFT LaunchPad

Fact check for NFT Wallet comparison

NFT Wallet Review: The 7 Best NFT Wallets in Comparison

Below we compare the best NFT wallets to give you a good overview of the different options.

Metamask NFT Wallet

NFT wallet metamask

It is highly likely that the majority of investors purchasing NFTs have already heard of MetaMask, since it is the most widely used platform for sending, receiving, and storing NFTs. As of now, MetaMask has over 21 million active monthly users, an exponential growth over the wallet's initial launch in 2016.

MetaMask is available as a browser extension or as an NFT Wallet app for iPhone and Android. Supported browsers include Google Chrome and Firefox, with the setup process only taking a few minutes. One of the most attractive factors of MetaMask is the level of security, as the wallet passwords and keys are generated on their own device, which means that only the investor himself has access to the data and holdings. In addition, these passwords and keys, along with the secret recovery phase, are stored in an encrypted format to increase security.

If investors also want to use an NFT hardware wallet, MetaMask is ideal because the wallet currently supports Trezor and ledger wallets via the browser extension. However, in terms of NFTs, MetaMask only supports Ethereum-based assets. Unfortunately, MetaMask does not currently offer a function to display the NFTs, so they are only displayed as tokens in the menu.

Advantages of the Metamask NFT Wallet

Disadvantages of Metamask NFT Wallet NFT Wallet

upcoming nft projects is the second best NFT wallet on our list. A majority of investors will be familiar with as one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, with over ten million registered users and a trading volume of more than $2 billion per day. Additionally, operates a dedicated NFT marketplace that enables investors to purchase and sell NFTs without incurring transaction costs.

The dedicated NFT wallet offered by is one of the most attractive aspects of the platform. You can download this wallet from the Apple App Store or Google Play store titled " DeFi Wallet". With over 100 cryptocurrencies supported, it makes it convenient to hold the cryptocurrencies required for NFT trading.

Designed to look like a gallery, the NFT section contains a selection of selected NFTs at the top and the rest at the bottom, arranged according to collection. In the wallet, users are able to store NFTs based on the Cronos Blockchain, Blockchain, as well as Ethereum-based NFTs.

It is also easy to receive NFTs through's wallet, as it provides a dedicated wallet address that facilitates NFT transfers. Through, investors are able to send NFTs to others with just a few clicks, and they are also able to share NFTs on social media platforms. Moreover, the wallet provides users with the opportunity to earn interest on their own stored crypto assets.

Advantages of the NFT Wallet

Disadvantages of NFT Wallet

NFT Wallet Coinbase

One of the most prominent crypto exchanges is Coinbase. Former Airbnb engineer Brian Armstrong founded the company. However, Coinbase also offers the DeFi wallet, which supports both NFTs and other tokens. Using Coinbase, users have complete control over their crypto assets and are able to easily transfer their assets to their NFT wallet by connecting their Coinbase account to their Coinbase exchange account.

A Coinbase Wallet enables users to securely store their digital art and crypto locally on their own devices, giving them complete control over their digital assets. According to Coinbase, the assets placed in the wallet are not owned by the company. All Coinbase users have access to the Coinbase NFT Wallet for free. On the desktop version, users have access to a tab that allows them to view NFTs associated with their wallet addresses. Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Optimism are among the networks that Coinbase supports, as well as assets that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Advantages of the Coinbase NFT Wallet</stong></p>

Disadvantages of the Coinbase NFT Wallet</stong></p>

  • Coinbase customer service is poor
  • Allows only Ethereum-based NFT tokens

Alpha NFT Wallet

NFTs can be stored quickly and easily with Alpha Wallet, an open source Ethereum wallet. In order to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3, the wallet was built with self-custody in mind. Alpha Wallet's credibility is enhanced by partnerships with Coinbase, Maker, Compound, Circle, and others.

As an NFT wallet for iPhone and Android, the wallet can only be downloaded as a mobile app. A valuable "tagging" feature makes filtering your own collection of NFTs easier with Alpha Wallet's Ethereum-based NFTs. An integrated dApp explorer is included in the wallet's interface for connecting to the best NFT marketplace and making investments. It is possible, for example, to connect the NFT Wallet Opensea with the Coinbase NFT Wallet.

For maximum security, Alpha Wallet utilizes the "Secure Enclave" subsystem on mobile devices. As part of Alpha Wallet, users are also able to adjust the speed of blockchain transactions in order to reduce their gas costs. Having an open source wallet adds another layer of security, since the underlying code is visible to everyone.

Advantages of the Alpha NFT Wallet

  • Open Source Web3 Wallet
  • Uses the Secure Enclave to increase security
  • Can adjust blockchain transaction speeds

Disadvantages of the Alpha NFT Wallet

  • Only available via mobile app
  • Allows only Ethereum-based NFT tokens

Trust NFT Wallet

NFT wallets like the Trust Wallet are considered to be the best for beginners due to their sleek, easy-to-use interface. Android and iOS devices are supported by the Trust Wallet app. Over 1 million crypto assets and 53 different blockchains are supported by the open source, decentralized wallet.

In addition to NFTs, Trust Wallet supports assets from Ethereum blockchains and Binance smart chains. In the NFT section, you can view your own NFTs as well as learn about the properties of many NFT artworks. The wallet's development team ensures that regular audits are conducted in order to protect it from cyberattacks.

Apart from storing and viewing NFTs, the Trust Wallet can also connect to many leading NFT marketplaces, such as the NFT Wallet Opensea, making it simple to purchase NFTs. Moreover, the Trust Wallet provides easy access to NFT marketplaces to facilitate transactions through a dedicated dApp browser. Finally, the Trust Wallet is also great for crypto staking, as the wallet offers staking options for 12 different coins.

Advantages of the Trust NFT Wallet

  • Special section on saving and viewing NFTs
  • Supports Ethereum and BSC NFTs
  • Regularly checked for safety
  • Crypto Staking Options

Disadvantages of the Trust NFT Wallet

  • Does not offer the same security as hardware wallets
  • Only 2 NFT blockchains are supported

Enjin NFT Wallet

As one of the leading companies in the field of in-game NFTs, Enjin is positioned as one of the leading companies in the field. The Enjin Wallet facilitates the collection of NFTs and other collectible items used as in-game items. Furthermore, the platform has a marketplace where digital assets can be traded in exchange for ENJ tokens. Users can access various DeFi apps quickly and easily with the platform's user-friendly features and well-designed interface.

Enjin Corporation was founded by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski. This company aims to develop a modern gaming platform that is closely associated with the crypto community. By selling ENJ tokens in 2017, Enjin raised approximately $18.9 million through an initial coin offering (ICO).

One of the main attractions of Enjin Wallet is its ease of use and seamless design. Enjin offers its users enhanced security through its fingerprint scanner. Enjin Wallet is suitable for both beginners and experts. A fee calculator is also included in the app, which allows users to calculate and limit their shipping costs. Currently, Enjin only supports NFTs based on Ethereum.

Advantages of the Enjin NFT Wallet

  • Easy to use
  • Enjin NFT Marketplace
  • Focus on Gaming NFTs

Disadvantages of the Enjin NFT Wallet

  • Exclusive mobile accessibility
  • Ethereum-based NFTs only

Kukai NFT Wallet

In addition to providing valuable NFTs with a safe and secure environment, Kukai provides third-party control and no hidden gas charges. It is an easy-to-use, open source wallet that allows users to store and manage NFTs.

Additionally, Kukai provides a secure environment for trading tokens with other users. By using the Kuka NFT Wallet, you are able to organize digital assets and integrate them into a wide range of applications and systems.

Kukai wallets can be created in a matter of minutes. With the Kukai Wallet, you can purchase and sell NFTs in a secure environment with other users. As well as the ability to import from a variety of standard wallet formats, the Kukai Wallet can also connect to the Ledger hardware wallet.

Advantages of the Kukai NFT Wallet

  • Easy to use
  • Open Source Web3 Wallet

Disadvantages of the Kukai NFT Wallet

  • Does not offer the same security as hardware wallets
  • Ethereum-based NFTs only

Math NFT Wallet

As one of the most similar wallet options to the MetaMask wallet, the Math Wallet advertises itself as such. In addition to supporting more than 65 public blockchains, the wallet is highly popular and is considered by some to be one of the best NFT wallets available.

Math Wallet was founded in 2017 by Eric Yu. His research was supported by Alameda Research. A number of blockchains are supported by Math Wallet, as was mentioned earlier. As well as the different versions of the wallet, several hardware wallets can also be integrated with it. Additionally, multiple addresses can be created by users.

Through the built-in DApp browser, users can view NFT markets and perform functions such as staking, trading, and so forth. It is also possible to purchase a utility token through Math Wallet. There are a number of features included in Math Wallet that have contributed to its popularity.

Advantages of the Math NFT Wallet

  • Support for a variety of blockchains
  • DApp Store
  • High security

Disadvantages of math NFT wallet

  • Has relatively few users and small community
  • Interfaces with the wallet have had some errors in the past
Creating an NFT Wallet: Here's how it works!

NFT wallets come in a variety of designs, as described in the previous sections. MetaMask is one of the best NFT providers. This provider has emerged as the winner of the NFT Wallet test, due to its ideal connection to the best marketplace, NFT LaunchPad.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create an NFT wallet using MetaMask and the NFT LaunchPad, in order to make it easier for you to get started with NFT wallets.

How to buy bitcoin

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Step 1: Install MetaMask Wallet for free

cryptocurrency market bitcoin

MetaMask Wallet should be installed in the browser. It is necessary to first install the MetaMask browser in the browser of your choice - Chrome or Firefox. The upper right corner of the browser displays a small fox icon.

Step 2: Generate private key


The MetaMask Wallet must be deposited after installation. There are a wide variety of deposit methods available for fiat currencies, such as ApplePay and debit cards. You may also transfer wBNB to your new MetaMask wallet address if you have already purchased or cached wBNB elsewhere. Furthermore, other cryptocurrencies can also be sent to MetaMask and then exchanged for wBNB using MetaMask.

Step 3: Link MetaMask to LaunchPad

make payment

Launch the NFT LaunchPad. When you open the NFT LaunchPad website, the MetaMask Wallet plugin is automatically launched. The next step is to move on to step 4.

Step 4: Sign a smart contract

nft coin buy

Upon installing the browser plugin, you will be asked to agree to the signature of the link to the smart contract of NFT LaunchPad. Simply follow the instructions, press the "Connect" button, and the link is created.

Step 5: Buy and trade NFTs via LaunchPad

With the MetaMask Wallet, you can now trade the wide range of NFTs available on the NFT LaunchPad.

Step 6: Optionally receive and send NFTs

NFTs can be obtained by scanning or copying the wallet address and sending it to the sender. Once the on-chain confirmation has been received, wait for it.

Tap on the desired NFT and click on the "Send" button, then enter the recipient's wallet address. When you send an NFT, you are transferring ownership of your own property to the recipient. NFTs can only be sent one at a time, so this process must be repeated for each NFT.

Why do you need a wallet for NFTs?

In spite of the fact that the best NFT apps make it easy for investors to buy and sell NFTs, they are still recommended to set up a dedicated wallet to store their digital assets over the long term. Since many NFT marketplaces have centralized features, holding NFTs on the marketplace where they were purchased is considered a riskier strategy. This makes them more susceptible to cyberattacks or hacking, which may pose a risk to NFT property.

It is possible for investors to transfer NFTs from the marketplace to their own wallets and securely store them for the long term by setting up a dedicated NFT wallet. Wallets designed for NFTs are specifically designed for this purpose and often contain advanced security features. In addition, NFT wallets also handle many complicated elements in the backend, so users do not need to possess advanced technical knowledge to view or transfer their NFTs.

Basic knowledge: How an NFT wallet works

In addition to doing all the important complicated tasks in the background, NFT wallets ensure that the user experience is as seamless as possible. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you understand what is going on behind the scenes in order to protect your own NFTs.

When reduced to their bare essentials, NFT wallets usually perform the following functions:

  • Stores private keys: A common misconception is that NFTs are stored in the wallet – this is not the case. As NFTs are stored on the associated blockchain network, investors are unable to possess them directly. The private keys of an asset are stored in NFT wallets instead of the "public keys". This private key allows access to the NFT by those who possess it. As a result, it is essential to maintain the security of this key.
  • Allows to hold cryptocurrencies: While investors are researching how to invest in NFTs, they are likely to quickly realize that the vast majority of NFTs are based on cryptocurrencies. Consequently, in order to purchase NFTs, investors must hold crypto first. In order to provide the best NFT wallet, this aspect must also be included.
  • Can connect to NFT marketplaces: Decentralized marketplaces like OpenSea require users to connect their wallets to the platform to make NFT investments. To use a decentralized platform such as this, investors will need to set up an NFT wallet that supports the network upon which the marketplace's NFTs are based.
What requirements should a good NFT wallet meet? Functions & Special Features

The features and functions of a Bitcoin wallet vary depending on its type. When selecting a Bitcoin wallet, we demonstrate what you should take into consideration in our detailed Bitcoin Wallet Test.


It is possible that you will not be able to purchase or sell NFTs if the NFT Wallet is not supported by the marketplace. Investors should take a look at the details or website of an NFT wallet before choosing one to ensure compatibility with the desired NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, it should be determined which blockchains are supported by the NFT Wallet, but we will discuss this in more detail in a later section.


An intuitive user interface facilitates the purchase and sale of NFTs. Generally, online NFT wallets are the most user-friendly. It is also common for desktop NFT wallets and mobile NFT wallets to be user-friendly. When using hardware wallets, such as the NFT Wallet Ledger, you must always connect the wallet to the Internet via another device and with a USB cable in order to transfer NFTs.


It is possible for NFTs to be worth thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars. As a result, NFT wallets should be as secure as possible. Hardware NFT wallets usually offer the highest level of security. Here it is virtually impossible for attackers to steal the private key from the provider's servers or the data storage of their own smartphone.

When choosing an online wallet provider, it is important that they are reputable and secure, as well as having experience in the market, if possible.t. By doing so, platform risks are minimized.

PC and mobile NFT wallets, however, are only as secure as the device used to access them. An infected computer or mobile phone could easily be infected with spyware, which would allow the private key to be easily obtained and misused.


Customer service is not offered by every NFT wallet. In many cases, only large companies, such as or Coinbase, are able to provide fast live chat support and good telephone support.

The difficulty of receiving good and reliable answers to urgent questions in a timely manner can be greater if you use a hardware wallet or a smaller provider.


Some NFTs are supported by other platforms as well as the Ethereum blockchain. Investors should choose a wallet that is compatible with as many blockchains as possible. Popular other NFT blockchains include the Binance Blockhain, the Blockchain and the Cronos Blockchain.

how to create an nft wallet
Is it possible to create NFT wallets for free?

Especially for beginners, it is important that you pay little or no fees if you want to create an NFT wallet. Unfortunately, for this reason, an NFT hardware wallet such as the NFT Wallet Ledger – even if it is particularly secure – is rather impractical for beginners, as the costs are relatively high here.

Other NFT wallets are much more suitable for beginners, as these NFT wallets are completely free. Especially mobile or desktop wallet are recommended here. If you want to create an NFT wallet easily and free of charge at the start, you can log in to in just a few minutes.

Offerer One-time costs (registration etc.) Fees (depending on blockchain) €0 Ethereum: High Low
Cronos: Low
Coinbase €0 Ethereum: High
MetaMask €0 Ethereum: High
Binance: Medium
alpha €0 Ethereum: High
Trust €0 Ethereum: High
Binance: Medium
Enjin €0 Ethereum: High
Kukai €0 Ethereum: High
math €0 Ethereum: High
Binance: Medium
Which is the best NFT wallet for Ethereum based NFTs?

When it comes to the question of which NFT wallet is the best , you first have to be clear about which blockchain you are interested in. As already mentioned, not every NFT wallet supports all NFT blockchains. While we generally recommend MetaMask in combination with the NFT LaunchPad , for people looking to buy an ETH-based NFT, is the best choice.

The NFT wallet is simple and easy to use . The NFT marketplace is extremely intuitive and should be easy to navigate for even the most inexperienced NFT investor. There is absolutely no NFT transaction fee. There are also no transaction fees when purchasing NFTs through the platform and unlike other NFT platforms, investors can purchase NFTs directly using a debit or credit card.

  • Free NFT Wallet
  • Supports and Ethereum Blockchain
  • gallery function
  • Allows NFTs to be shared on social media
  • High interest rates on stored cryptocurrencies
  • Innovative NFT Spotlight function
Conclusion on the NFT wallet comparison

There is a huge range of wallets for NFTs and we have looked at the best and most important of them in more detail in this article. Different NFT wallets offer different advantages and disadvantages and so there is an optimally suitable NFT wallet for every investor .

However, we come to the conclusion that for most investors, the MetaMask wallet together with the NFT LaunchPad is the most convincing and the best choice in terms of security, fees and user-friendliness . With this NFT wallet you get a very good mix of user-friendliness, security and fee-free trading options.

NFT Wallet FAQs
What is an NFT wallet?

NFT wallets are cryptocurrency wallets that support NFT's blockchain protocol. Additionally, it must support the currency that you wish to use to purchase NFTs. Ethereum is one of the most common blockchains that are used for NFTs.

How can I buy NFTs?

A popular marketplace to buy NFTs is OpenSea. To buy NFTs here simply connect an NFT wallet to OpenSea and get started. Another popular marketplace is the NFT marketplace.

What is the best NFT wallet?

The DeFi wallet is our recommended NFT wallet, and it is free to use and available for iOS and Android. Users of this wallet can instantly share their NFTs to social media with just a few taps, and the wallet supports Ethereum NFTs as well.

How do I see NFTs in MetaMask?

MetaMask does not currently provide a way to view the NFTs, so they are only visible as tokens in the menu.

Is there an OpenSea NFT wallet?

OpenSea is not a wallet but a marketplace for NFT transactions. In order to use OpenSea, you must create a separate NFT wallet.