Buying and Selling NFT Art 2022: How It Works!

What is nft art? How to make nft art? NFT Art Meaning? How to buy and sell nft art?

Buying and Selling NFT Art 2022: How It Works!

Table of Content

  1. Buying and Selling NFT Art 2022: How It Works!
  2. What is NFT Art?
  3. NFT Art: the most important in a nutshell
  4. How does NFT Art work?
  5. How to create NFT art?
  6. Phase 1: Creation of the artwork
  7. Phase 2: Mint or create NFT
  8. Top NFT Art Projects to Buy in 2022
  9. How to buy NFT Art?
  10. Which NFT art should you buy?
  11. personal favor
  12. You believe in the artist
  13. Successful NFT collections
  14. Rising floor price
  15. Crypto influencer support
  16. Where to buy NFT Art?
  17. 1st place: NFT LaunchPad
  18. 2nd place:
  19. 3rd place: OpenSea
  20. 4th place: Rarible
  21. 5th place: Super Rare
  22. 6th place: Nifty Gateway
  23. What is the importance of NFT art?
  24. For the investor
  25. For the artist
  26. How can artists benefit?
  27. How does a work of art become an NFT?
  28. How does NFT art become successful?
  29. What is the NFT Art prognosis?
  30. Buy NFT art, right? Our conclusion
  31. FAQs

Buying and Selling NFT Art 2022: How It Works!

The popularity of NFT art is on the rise; crypto enthusiasts and art enthusiasts alike are seeking to invest in the best NFT artwork in an effort to capitalize on price increases that can sometimes be enormous. Art lovers can prove ownership of digital artworks and assets through NFT art, which is a revolution in the art industry: artists can create digital rarities and sell them independently, and art lovers can create digital artworks and sell them.

What exactly is NFT Art? How does NFT Art work? Where to buy NFT art? How to recognize successful NFT Art? Which NFT Art Collections will go up in price? What are the best NFT art marketplaces?

In our NFT art comparison we have the best NFT marketplaces in the test. We present our test winner NFT Marketplace in detail.

What is NFT Art?

It typically refers to digital art, such as graphics, images, photographs, animations, but it can also include music and video NFTs whose property is encapsulated in a Non-Fungible Token. Artwork is minted or created by the artist as an NFT, which proves the owner's rights.

Interested investors may purchase or trade NFT on an NFT marketplace such as NFT LaunchPad or NFT Marketplace Open Sea. The NFT is migrating to the NFT wallet after payment of the purchase price and transaction fees. The NFT wallet is connected to the NFT marketplace after payment of the purchase price and transaction fees.

The majority of NFT art is issued in the form of a collection instead of as a single work of art. The term collection refers to a group of graphic images or graphics that are related thematically and graphically, or have a common thread, and are therefore gathered together in a single unit. An important measure of the popularity and exclusivity of an NFT Art Collection can be found in the so-called Floor Price, the price for the cheapest NFT within the collection.

A time comparison of the NFT Art Collection Floor Price provides a good indication of the change in value, where the value of a single piece of art within the collection can vary to varying degrees.

NFT Art: the most important in a nutshell

How does NFT Art work?

Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is the key to understanding NFT art. Tokens issued through a blockchain such as Ethereum are unique, mostly non-replaceable and non-fungible (= non-fungible; fungible, on the other hand, are banknotes). As a type of digital identifier or title deed, they prove that a work of art is owned by its rightful owner.

Creating NFT art for which an NFT is to be created is the first step in the process. In this case, the token is created by the author of the work ("NFT minting" or embossing of an NFT) and can therefore be traded on an NFT marketplace. A blockchain explorer can be used to track the ownership history of the NFT art in the owner's crypto wallet. The NFT is displayed according to which wallets (specifically: which wallet addresses) it has previously been stored in.

As a unique token, the NFT Art refers to (digital) art and verifies its ownership. Upon creation, a NFT is created on a blockchain that is compatible with NFTs (e.g. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain) and is sent to the artist's wallet. Through the NFT marketplace on, the NFTs can then be traded. Nevertheless, the digital artwork itself is not stored on the blockchain, but on a blockchain-compatible file hosting service, such as .dem IPFS.

The digital artwork can be viewed by a wide range of users, but it is only the owner of the NFT who is designated as the owner of the virtual artwork. Traditionally, works of art are held by an art collector, but are exhibited in a museum or vernissage for the public to see.

where to buy nft

How to create NFT art?

As soon as you become familiar with the process of creating NFT art, the process becomes simple and quick. There are two phases of the process, roughly referred to as phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 1: Creation of the artwork

Creating an NFT for a work of art requires the creation of a (digital) work of art first. The question arises as to what kind of artwork you wish to create as a creator. There is no doubt that iconic avatars or characters associated with a particular theme, as well as animated, digital art, are common features of the game.

It is possible to create high-quality graphics using first-class, high-quality graphics software, such as Adobe Suite, or you may even be able to create graphics using Microsoft Paint if the desired format is not too demanding.

The artwork may be created by a qualified freelancer via an outsourcing platform, so that you do not have to create it yourself. The transfer of copyrights must, however, be confirmed in writing by the other party in this case.

Phase 2: Mint or create NFT

As soon as the artwork is saved as a digital file on the computer, it is uploaded to an NFT marketplace, such as's NFT marketplace. The first step is to upload the file, followed by determining the parameters for the NFT that will be generated.

In addition to questions regarding the blockchain on which the NFT is emitted, embossing as a unique or limited edition, and other parameters, there are also concerns.

Upon clicking the "Create NFT" button, you will be required to pay the network fees for the creation of the NFT. As soon as the transaction has been processed, the NFT is transferred directly to the connected crypto wallet.

The NFT marketplace allows creators to apply for the list and subsequent sale of NFTs.

Top NFT Art Projects to Buy in 2022

nft buy

Here is our current list of the best in trending NFT art projects:

  1. Silks - A brand new NFT project that also includes gaming features
  2. Great Ape Society - The best choice for NFT art investors in the "Apeverse".
  3. Yubo – This NFT collection of social media app is packed with features
  4. Lazy Goats Club - A NFT art collection not to be missed
  5. Punk Dogs - A low cost NFT art project with great potential
  6. Archaic Art – NFT Art for the collectors of abstract art
  7. Space Apes - A powerful NFT art collection for the year 2022
  8. World of Walrus - Possibly the best NFT art project for high-end investors
  9. Meta Triads – Passive income is definitely possible here

How to buy NFT Art?

A cryptocurrency such as wBNB or ETH is required for the purchase amount and transaction fees when purchasing NFT Art. Additionally, you need to set up an attractive NFT marketplace where artists can sell and buy NFTs. It is recommended that you use our test winner, NFT LaunchPad.

In the following section, we explain in more detail how to purchase NFT Art in simple steps:

How to buy bitcoin

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Step 1: Open a account

cryptocurrency market bitcoin

The second-place provider in our test,, provides NFT for sale and trade through various NFT marketplaces. Various attractive NFT collections are available here, based on the Ethereum blockchain.Creating a account is the first step. Crypto brokers with NFT marketplaces are among the leading players in the market. Create an account by filling out the registration form with the necessary information.

Step 2: Connect wallet or use wallet


You can connect to an NFT-compatible wallet with's NFT marketplace, preferably the native wallet. The site allows the creation and storage of NFTs based on the Ethereum or Cronos blockchains.

Step 3: Find NFT Art

make payment

The NFT Marketplace is now available for browsing. From the main page, you can either select one of the featured NFT Collections or use the search function at the top left to find individual NFTs or NFT Art Collections.

Step 4: Buy NFT Art

nft coin buy

Have you found an appropriate type of NFT? I am very pleased with the ease of the purchase process. When you click on the NFT, you will be taken to the detailed view, in which you will be able to view important information such as previous purchase and sale prices, as well as information regarding the creator. It is as simple as clicking the buy button to receive the NFT Art in your crypto wallet.

Which NFT art should you buy?

As with conventional art, there is a difference of opinion as to what constitutes art and what constitutes creative images when it comes to NFT art. It is, however, possible to deduce from general tips whether or not you should invest in a specific NFT art work.

It is our opinion that there should be a balance between personal preferences and understandable, quantitative factors that contribute to positive performance and long-term retention of NFT art.

personal favor

There is a simple, but often overlooked, rule of thumb: only buy NFT types that you enjoy. It is pointless to invest in NFT art that you do not find beautiful or appealing if you do not think it will increase in value in the future. You will only be able to analyze and research NFT art that you like well enough to gain an understanding of its potential value as well as the collections and creators of NFT art. 

You believe in the artist

The work of an artist is what you are purchasing, not art itself. An investment in NFT Art by this artist should only be made by those who truly appreciate the artist or creator. Other works by the artist may be purchased from the same or later NFT Art Collections. There is no doubt that those who appreciate an artist will also appreciate the artist's NFT art, whether it is their style, approach, subject matter, or any other aspect of their work.

Successful NFT collections

It is the track record of the creator or artist that is the most important indicator of the success of a NFT Art project. This might indicate a promising NFT Art object if the artist's previous NFT Collections have been successful, i.e. the average price of the included NFT Art objects has increased. There have already been several successful NFT Collections by the Creator? All the better!

Rising floor price

Changing the floor price of the cheapest NFT artwork in the entire collection is probably the easiest way to measure the success of an NFT Collection. Ideally, one should examine the floor price of the relevant or a previous NFT Collection over time in order to draw conclusions about its success and volatility.

Crypto influencer support

Is the creator/artist endorsed by crypto influencers? Will the NFT Collection or NFT Drops be promoted by crypto influencers? In order to determine if an influencer has retweeted the project, go to its Twitter page and check for retweets. In addition, you should check any hashtags used by influencers on their posts and retweets.

Where to buy NFT Art?

As a centralized trading venue where various types of NFTs are traded, NFT Art is purchased from NFT Marketplaces. Using the NFT Marketplace, buyers and sellers can exchange NFT art directly between their crypto wallets after a purchase price is paid.

In response to the NFT hype 2021, numerous NFT marketplaces have been established, some offering a variety of NFTs, while others specialize in high-priced, high-quality NFT artwork. The following is a description of the most popular NFT marketplaces for NFT art:

1st place: NFT LaunchPad

nft launchpad

When it comes to buying and trading NFT art, the NFT LaunchPad is the clear winner. In addition to being quick and easy, this provider offers a good selection of products and earnings opportunities. It is primarily due to the fact that the NFT LaunchPad focuses on new NFT art projects and other types of NFTs. It is easiest to strategically increase the value of NFT artwork by investing in it early on.

Furthermore, the NFT LaunchPad allows you to create your own NFT art. In addition to the LaunchPad, the MetaMask online wallet can also be used with it. For the purpose of purchasing NFT art, deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies are relatively straightforward. Since MetaMask can be easily installed on Android or iOS smartphones or as a Chrome Browser extension, MetaMask can also be downloaded and installed.

As a multichain marketplace, the NFT LaunchPad will make it possible to trade NFT art of different blockchains. However, the Binance Smart Chain has been the primary source of verifiable NFT artworks on the LaunchPad. Furthermore, the projects based on the Binance Smart Chain are capturing an ever-increasing share of the market, in comparison with the ETH-based NFTs.

There are also no fees associated with the new NFT LaunchPad, which are around 2.5 percent. As well as this, wBNB (Wrapped BNB) may incur small transaction and swap fees. Alternatively, another crypto exchange may be used instead of MetaMask wallet. The LaunchPad also allows you to send wBNB tokens you have already purchased elsewhere (e.g. Binance,, etc.) for the NFT Art Investment to your MetaMask account.

2nd place:

Among the leading cryptocurrency brokers in the world, offers a wide selection of NFT art in the areas of graphics, animations, and music. NFT Art Collections by notable artists are most prominent in the NFT Art section. You can purchase NFT art here and have it available as NFT on the Ethereum or Cronos blockchains.

In the integrated CRO wallet, Ethereum and any NFT art that has been purchased can be stored. The creators of NFT can create it themselves for free (no additional fees are charged, only network fees are charged). Artists may choose from a number of offer modes to sell their NFT art, such as fixed price, auction or price offer. NFT Marketplace fees are a minimum of 1.99% for both buyers and sellers - cheaper than any other reputable NFT Art Marketplace.

Coveted NFT Collections such as AlphaBots, PsychoKitties or Loaded Lions were launched here. Thanks to cross-chain compatibility, NFT Art from other NFT Collections can also be included and traded here. A newsletter alerts art lovers to upcoming exclusive NFT Drops.

3rd place: OpenSea

For many years, OpenSea was the premier NFT marketplace (by volume of transactions). OpenSea was initially developed using the Ethereum blockchain, but is now also compatible with the Polygon and Klaytn blockchains. As well as providing the full range of NFT types, OpenSea also provides a comprehensive NFT Art area, including legendary collections such as Boring Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Chick.

You can view the NFT Art Collections of well-known and up-and-coming NFT Artists in the NFT Art section. A subpage is provided for each of the NFT Art Collections, which provides a quick overview of the artist, the collection details, and the floor price, as well as other key information. There is a 2.5% fee charged by OpenSea for every transaction, which is borne by the buyer.

The offer types fixed price, auction and individual price proposal are available. In addition to the classic NFT art in the form of graphics, images and animations, the music area could also be classified as NFT art. We recommend using either the MetaMask crypto wallet or the Coinbase wallet .

NFT Art Collections are all big names , including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and more.

4th place: Rarible

In 2020, Alexei Falin founded the NFT marketplace Rarible, which offers a wide selection of NFT artwork. NFT Art can be auctioned and traded as paintings, photographs, animations in the form of NFT Collections on Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow Blockchain.

Unlike SuperRare, all artists and creators are able to create and list their NFTs here - free of charge, plus network fees. Aside from NFT art, NFTs are also available in the areas of music, sports (trading cards), metaverse land, and more.

Rarible's NFT Art fees are 2.5% on both the buyer and seller side. At the end of 2021, the RARI token was launched, which is a hybrid mix of governance token (for the Rarible DAO) and utility token in NFT trading on Rarible. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, fashion brand Diesel and more are selling NFT art at Rarible.

MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet have proven themselves as NFT wallets at Rarible .

5th place: Super Rare

In addition to providing high-quality NFT art, SuperRare is also an NFT Art Marketplace. The website offers a wide range of illustrations, graphics, photographs, and paintings created by renowned artists.

Crain and Perkins founded SuperRare in 2018. In order to maintain the high quality of NFT art, manual curation is performed and new NFT artists are only accepted on an invite-only basis.

SuperRare is based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721 token standard); In 2020 the RARE token was issued. It is primarily designed as a governance token for the SuperRare DAO (participation in curation, amount of commissions, etc.), but also brings benefits in the sense of a utility token .

The NFT Art fees are 3% for buyers and 15% for sellers . NFT Art can be purchased through limited-time auctions or fixed-price bids.

6th place: Nifty Gateway

Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by the Winklevoss brothers, acquired NiftyGateway in 2018. As part of the NFT Art Collections, animations, images, graphics and photographs are offered along with digital art. The NiftyGateway platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and NFTs are created in accordance with the ERC721 protocol.

Due to the exclusive nature of the NFT art marketplace, there is a manual approval process for new artists (invite-only) and the artworks are carefully curated by art experts. For approved artists, NFT Minten is available for free (plus network fees).

nft sell

NiftyGateway fees are 5% buy-side commission plus $0.30 transaction fee per trade. In addition to the native omnibus wallet from Gemini, MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet can of course also be used as an NFT wallet.

What is the importance of NFT art?

Art lovers and artists are offered exciting new opportunities with NFT Art, which fundamentally alters the relationship between the two. Particularly due to the change in ownership, the art market is undergoing a transformation.

In this way, artists and their supporters can establish a direct connection since artists can sell directly to their supporters without the involvement of art dealers or other intermediaries.

An artist may retain fractional ownership of their artwork while sharing it with some of their supporters through fractionalized NFTs, or Smart NFTs. In this way, art lovers will be able to invest together with their favorite artists.

The NFT art market is particularly attractive to young, up-and-coming artists since it allows them to build their reputation as artists at a low cost through the use of social media and NFT marketplaces.

For the investor

Crypto fans and investors without any connection to cryptocurrency have become fascinated by NFT Art. NFT Art should be viewed less as a crypto topic and more as a system for extending and changing the art market. The modern, international art trade has finally found the medium it requires to continue to flourish with the introduction of non-fungible tokens.

Additionally, NFT Art represents another sub-asset class in the crypto market which is of interest to crypto investors. According to current analyses, NFT Art does not have any correlation with cryptocurrencies; especially in bear markets, high-quality, well-known NFT Art Collections can even increase in value.

Nevertheless, art lovers are particularly likely to benefit from NFT Art as investors. The process of acquiring (partially) owning trendy, hyped or established works of art can be accomplished in just a few steps without a high crypto affinity. The digital art market is not difficult to enter if you are an art lover and have experience collecting analogue art.

How can investors benefit from the NFT art hype?

The current NFT art hype offers many opportunities for investors, whether they are artists or savvy investors; this can be beneficial on a short-term, medium-term, or long-term basis.

For the artist

No matter whether the artist is an established artist or a young, up-and-coming newcomer, NFT art can provide tremendous benefits to them. In terms of copyright and marketing, creators are experiencing a revolution. Artists can easily sell their works by creating an artwork and creating the corresponding NFT.

By eliminating expensive art dealers as intermediaries, artists are able to take charge of their marketing and generate much higher revenues. It is possible to build a reputation as an artist through targeted marketing on NFT marketplaces, in Discord channels, or on Twitter, while increasing the market value of the art (floor price in the NFT Art Collection).

How can artists benefit?

Correctly implemented, artists can benefit from NFT Art and the resulting community in many ways:

is nft an art

How does a work of art become an NFT?

NFTs may include both analog (physical) and digital (virtual) works of art. In fact, that is not entirely accurate, because an NFT is created for the artwork as well. There is a difference between artwork and NFT. Artwork is referred to as the created NFT.

First, the artwork exists, then the artist decides that he or she would like to create this particular NFT. In order to upload the artwork, he goes to an NFT marketplace, such as the NFT Marketplace. A specification is then provided as to which blockchain will be used, which authorizations will be required, and the number of editions that will be minted (unique or limited).

The artist clicks the Create NFT button after setting the parameters. He must pay the network fees associated with the blockchain on which the NFT is issued. When NFTs are minted, they are sent directly to the artist's crypto wallet, where they can be placed up for sale on the NFT marketplace as NFT artwork.

What art exists as NFTs?

A reader's first thought when contemplating NFT Art probably involves popular or iconic collections, such as the Bored Ape or Mutant Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, and Doodles, among others. NFT Art primarily consists of paintings, graphics, and animations.

It should be noted, however, that the field of NFT art is much broader and more comprehensive than previously understood. A NFT can also be used for the publication and distribution of audio and video content.

How does NFT art become successful?

In principle, art is a subjective experience, taste is said to be in the eye of the beholder. The success and popularity of NFT art is ultimately determined by demand. An artist's NFT art will be more expensive the more popular their work is and the more established their reputation is.

As a result, we have identified five factors that have a significant influence on whether and how quickly digital artworks become NFT artworks: