What is Aptos APT C0in? When is the Aptos Airdrop

What does Aptos coin actually do? Is Aptos a good investment? When is the Aptos Airdrop?

What is Aptos APT C0in? When is the Aptos Airdrop

Table of Content

  1. What is Aptos Coin? How to buy Aptos?
  2. How Does Aptos Work?
  3. Who Is Aptos Labs?
  4. How Does the Aptos Blockchain Work?
  5. Block-STM Technology
  6. Move Programming Language
  7. BFT Consensus Protocol
  8. What Makes Aptos Different?
  9. Aptos vs. Solana
  10. Aptos vs. Avalanche
  11. Aptos vs. Ethereum
  12. Aptos Incentivized Testnet
  13. 4-Stage Testnet
  14. Aptos NFTs
  15. Why Aptos Has the Attention of VCs?
  16. Is Aptos a Good Investment?
  17. The Official Aptos Launch
  18. Final Words
  19. Where to buy Aptos APT?
  20. How to buy Aptos Coin
  21. FAQ About APT Coin

What is Aptos Coin? How to buy Aptos?

The Aptos cryptocurrency is definitely one to check out if you're looking for new crypto projects. Though it's still in the planning stages, this venture capital–backed cryptocurrency is already getting a lot of attention. With Aptos, you can increase scalability while also offering some unique security and usability options. Here's what you need to know if you want to be the first to use it.

How Does Aptos Work?

It's a Layer 1 blockchain that uses the Move programming language. It's supposed to be scalable, reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Although Aptos is still in its infancy, it's already getting attention from crypto experts and raised millions of dollars from investors. It hasn't released an official white pAptosr or generated any Aptos coins yet. With Aptos, there's a Parallel Execution Engine, high-level security, and low transaction costs built in a Rust programming language called Move.

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In addition to its intriguing past, the Aptos blockchain is generating so much hype. The blockchain was developed by Diem developers and will use the programming language originally created for Diem, which was recently abandoned. Aptos crypto has been developed by Diem developers. While it intends to maintain Diem's original goal of building a scalable, fast blockchain, it hopes to offer additional features that will make the crypto more accessible to the general public.

Who Is Aptos Labs?

The Aptos project is powered by Aptos Labs, a team of developers, engineers, and strategists led by co-founders Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching.

Ching and Shaikh first worked together on the Diem blockchain project at Meta. Shaikh specializes in scaling products and has experience in private equity and venture capital markets. In the meantime, Ching has led many exciting and innovative development projects while serving as a principal software engineer at Meta. Upon the termination of Meta's Diem project, Shaikh and Ching decided to establish Aptos Labs together.

Atop Labs' motto is "Building a Layer 1 for everyone." They're building the safest, most reliable network out there. Aptos Labs has just started, but has already gained a lot of support for their mission. Throughout two funding rounds, Aptos Labs raised over $350 million, launched its developer testnet, and handled millions of transactions and thousands of nodes.

How Does the Aptos Blockchain Work?

The Aptos blockchain hasn't been fully operational yet, but it's already doing well. Currently, it processes 130,000 transactions per second (TPS) while keeping security and reliability. Aptos' performance is based on a few revolutionary concepts.

Block-STM Technology

The Aptos blockchain engine uses parallel execution to handle multiple transactions at the same time thanks to Block-STM technology. In this way, a single failed transaction won't halt the whole chain, so things move much faster. All transactions are validated post-execution, so they can all be processed concurrently. Ultimately, up to 160,000 transactions can be processed simultaneously on the Aptos blockchain thanks to a collaborative scheduler that prioritizes certain transactions and handles validations efficiently.

Move Programming Language

It's the Move programming language that makes Aptos crypto so appealing, because it was originally developed for Diem. Move is a type of executable bytecode language. Aptos developers love it because it's flexible enough and its global storage is much better than most programming languages. Aptos blockchain can't be controlled by malicious entities because Move lets users define custom resources that can't be copied or discarded.

BFT Consensus Protocol

 As an alternative to a consensus protocol that follows transaction order, Aptos decouples the two processes and lets them run in parallel. By doing so, latency (how long it takes to confirm network transactions) goes down and speed goes up. Aptos has a Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) engine that analyzes each state on-chain and updates validators as needed to make sure accuracy.

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What Makes Aptos Different?

 A lot of new blockchains claim to be exciting Layer 1s that will solve all scalability problems, so Aptos crypto might sound familiar if you read crypto news a lot. There's a reason to be cautious about Aptos, but it's actually worth it. The Aptos blockchain stands out because of its active community, investors, and unique engines and programming languages. In the end, it'll be way different from existing Layer 1 chains.

Aptos vs. Solana

A major competitor of the Aptos blockchain will be Solana, the hottest Layer 1 right now. Due to their engines that can run computations in parallel, both Aptos and Solana have the same level of speed so far. Although Solana has had some notable outages and downgrades, Aptos seems to be more reliable than Aptos. Solana seems to be more likely to fail.

With Aptos, every block is synced with leader nodes and nearby nodes, so if the leader node doesn't work, another node can take over. The Aptos blockchain is built with redundancy, so it's less prone to failure. Due to this, Aptos' hardware requirements are a little higher than Solana's, so Aptos gets more reliability in exchange for slightly larger hardware needs.

Aptos vs. Avalanche

Aptos is outperforming Avalanche under optimal testing conditions. It takes Avalanche 0.7 seconds to finalize a transaction. However, in real-world conditions, Avalanche usually takes 0.3 seconds longer to finalize. When it comes to TPS, Aptos blows Avalanche out of the water. Avalanche manages 4,500 per subnet, whereas Aptos gets 130,000 to 160,000.

Compared to Avalanche and Aptos, Aptos has great performance, but it's easier to use. Especially when NFT games cause spikes in transactions, Avalanche has very high gas fees. As for Aptos, users are prioritized for low fees. With its Move-based storage methodology, users can group stuff together to save money.

Aptos vs. Ethereum

Compared to Ethereum, Aptos already outperforms it in terms of speed. Due to both hardware and design differences, Aptos can finalize transactions in less than a second, whereas Ethereum takes more than a minute to finalize. There's just one CPU core on Ethereum, but there's 16 on Aptos.

In spite of the fact that Aptos doesn't have many problems with outages, Ethereum's reliability is undeniably superior. It's almost impossible to disrupt its performance. Despite the higher fees and longer wait times, Ethereum still stands out as the more popular choice as long as users are OK with it.

Aptos Incentivized Testnet

You might wonder why so many people are talking about the Aptos blockchain since there's no official white pAptosr or crypto on it. It's because of the Aptos testnet that people already know so much about Aptos Labs. It's basically a way to gamify crypto development. You can complete different challenges, and you get rewards.

The Aptos testnet gives Aptos Labs plenty of chance to test the blockchain's performance. A testnet supported by Aptos incentivized incentives lets them examine security, user interfaces, and transaction validation. The goal is to find bugs and find ways to improve the Aptos blockchain. As part of the testnet, participants have to exchange tokens, but Aptos hasn't released its official cryptocurrency yet. They're testing with dummy Aptos coins right now.

what is apt test net

4-Stage Testnet

In 2022, Aptos ran four stages of its testnet. The first stage was from May to June. There were 30 thousand applications, and 100 were chosen. Now we're doing the next testnet stage, where 100 to 500 validators are working. Then there's another testnet with 1,000 participants. Aptos Labs also plans to run a final testnet before it launches.

Testnet participants get 500 Aptos coins as soon as the Aptos crypto is released. Top performers get 500 Aptos coins even more. You have to be 18 years old and have a computer that can run Aptos nodes if you're interested in joining the testnet and earning Aptos crypto. Applicants from less popular spots have a higher chance of getting in because Aptos wants to test its blockchain everywhere.

Aptos NFTs

Aptos is hoping it can support NFT minting, which is one way it'll make it better than current Layer 1s. It's not Aptos' top priority to support NFTs, but engineers found that the Aptos blockchain is pretty good at handling them. Along with Aptos crypto, this could be another way to invest.

In short, the Aptos blockchain is great for NFTs because of its parallel execution engine. Aptos makes it super easy to fund new accounts and mint NFTs for them. Aptos' command line interface tools also make it easy to test contracts before they go live. Aptos' TypeScript SDK lets users write scripts that mint NFTs.

As a result, a single user can create multiple NFTs at the same time on several different platforms. By deploying multiple instances at once, users can create a recurring loop of transactions instead of using extensive resources to create NFTs one at a time. There are plans for Aptos to release its own NFTs. Developers hope to use these features to make NFT generation easier and faster for users.

Why Aptos Has the Attention of VCs?

Aptos was just announced this year, but it is already getting some serious funding. Aptos accepted its first big deal in March 2022. There were several big venture capital firms that contributed $200 million, including a16z Crypto, Multicoin Capital, Hashed, Tiger Global, Three Arrows Capital, FTX Ventures and Coinbase Ventures. FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto then gave Aptos another $150 million in June. Multiple rounds of funding have been contributed by previous investors, like a16z crypto and Multicoin Capital.

What makes Aptos so popular with venture capital firms? There are several factors that contribute to Aptos' success.

Is Aptos a Good Investment?

Aptos looks like one of the most reliable crypto ventures of 2022. Should you join all the venture capital firms and invest as soon as you can? Aptos isn't 100% foolproof, so no one can really analyze it until it actually launches. Aptos seems like a good investment from what we've seen so far, though.

In addition to the fact that Aptos crypto is a continuation of a Meta-founded project that was already doing well before it got canceled, there are a couple other reasons why it seems like a great idea. Additionally, the developers are highly trained and experienced, and they've done some exciting projects before. As well as the star-studded team, Aptos has also proven its TPS rates during testing are pretty impressive.

Because of Aptos' unique architecture, which separates consensus from execution and uses Move for programming, it's certainly standout among Layer 1 projects. As Aptos rolls out its launch plans and achieves mainstream adoption as the fastest and most secure Layer 1 project in the crypto space with the momentum of VC interest and an experienced ex-Diem team, the future is definitely bright.

The Official Aptos Launch

There will be plenty of opportunities to get Aptos crypto soon, since Aptos launches in September 2022. You can earn Aptos crypto without mining it yourself, too, with the Aptos roadmap. Several new stages of the incentivized testnet are coming up in the next few months, as well as bug bounty programs and hackathons. Aptos plans to make sure everything works seamlessly before its mainnet release by reaching out to the community. Some of the features Aptos wants to finish up before mainnet launch include:

Final Words

The Aptos project promises to increase blockchain scalability and reliability. The Aptos project has received a great deal of interest from investors and the industry. They have already managed to back up many of their claims with their testnets, although there is no way to guarantee they will live up to their hype. The future of Aptos remains uncertain, but with lightning-fast transaction times and an experienced development team, they are making an attractive investment.

Where to buy Aptos APT?

Aptos coin can be bought via cryptocurrency exchange markets below;

Huobi GlobalBTCEXBibox
Coinbase ExchangeUpbitMandala Exchange
BitfinexXT.COMHotcoin Global
Binance TRDigiFinexJubi
How to buy Aptos Coin

How to buy aptos

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Compare Cryptocurrency Markets

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Find an exchange that lists Aptos in one or more cryptocurrency pairings. Then sign up with your email address and password. Compare exchanges when buying Aptos to find the lowest fees and the latest exchange rates. Note: Many exchanges require your full name, contact information, and ID before allowing you to trade.

Create an account


To create an account with an exchange, you must verify your email address and identity. Have your photo ID and phone ready.

Make Payment

make payment

If your exchange supports Aptos, you can buy Aptos directly with dollar, euro, pound or any other currency of your choice. Some exchanges charge commission fees that vary depending on the amount of Aptos you buy, so be mindful of the cost of your transaction. Note: Some payment methods have higher fees and credit card payments are usually the most expensive.

aptos buy

aptos coin buy

Select your chosen exchange to find the match you want. Go to the markets section. Look at the buy section and type in the amount of paired cryptocurrency you want to spend or the amount of you want to buy. Note: Before completing the transaction, carefully review your transaction details, including the amount of Aptos you purchased and the total cost of the purchase.

FAQ About APT Coin
How does the Aptos coin works?

Aptos blockchain works by storing information on a blockchain as a resource, which can potentially provide a more secure method of storing information.

Which language does Aptos use?

Aptos has made available both an English whitepaper and a Korean whitepaper that can be downloaded for free.

Is Aptos decentralised?

There is no doubt that Aptos's are decentralized, since blockchains are decentralized and at least in theory, they are a decentralized system. It will, however, depend on just how you define decentralization. This is because there are some blockchain enthusiasts who would take issue with the idea that there are two founders on the platform. 

When is the Aptos airdrop?

In total, Aptos has airdropped 20,076,150 APTs to early adopters. Those users who have completed an application for the Aptos Incentivized Testnet, or those who minted an APTOS:ZERO testnet NFT, will be able to claim free APT coins. Eligible users will have until October 25th, 2022 at 3:00 PM PST to claim the coins.

Who is the founder of Aptos?

Avery Ching, a former Meta employee, and Mo Shaikh are the co-founders of Aptos Labs, two former Meta employees with years of experience working in the blockchain industry.

Does Aptos have funding?

There have been a number of capital ventures that have contributed to Aptos Labs' $350 million fundraising, including investments from FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, a16z, Tiger Global, Multicoin Capital, among others. There are currently 28 investors who have invested in Aptos Labs. An undisclosed amount of strategic investment was received by Aptos Labs, which boosted its valuation to $4 billion.

Is Aptos worth investing?

Despite Aptos' potential, investors should exercise caution since the project is heavily backed by venture capital. However, at its core, the Move programming language is most likely to remain relevant as it offers better scalability and security in comparison to other layer-1 blockchains.