Buy Chiliz (CHZ) 2022: fees and price history

What does Chiliz actually do? Is Chiliz a good investment? What is CHZ crypto used for? Does Socios have a future?

Buy Chiliz (CHZ) 2022: fees and price history

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  1. Buy Chiliz (CHZ) 2022: fees and price history
  2. What is Chiliz?
  3. Buy CHZ: Why Chiliz Coin?
  4. What makes Chiliz unique?
  5. Do I need a CHZ wallet?
  6. Chiliz's share price performance in Q1 of 2022
  7. When is the best time to buy Chiliz?
  8. Buy Chiliz Token Tips: What Buyers Should Look Out for
  9. Chiliz and advantages and disadvantages
  10. FAQ

Buy Chiliz (CHZ) 2022: fees and price history

Among the countless blockchain projects, there are always projects that are suitable for the masses and are already actively used. One such project is The Socios network offers passive fans the opportunity to participate directly in the decisions made by the clubs they support and receive rewards in return.

The Chiliz (CHZ) Coin, which functions as a means of payment within the network, provides the fuel for the network. We took a look at what is behind the project and whether the investment in Chiliz is worthwhile.

Additionally, we examined how and where to purchase Chiliz, as well as whether the cryptocurrency is viable.

fan coin

What is Chiliz?

As part of, Chiliz is used as a utility token. Sports fans have the opportunity to take part in sports-related decision-making on by taking part in surveys that are conducted on behalf of their favorite clubs.

The Socios platform allows sports clubs, teams, and clubs to create their own fan tokens. Large clubs such as FC Barcelona, Juventus Turin, or the Formula One racing team of Aston Martin are among the partners.

The fan tokens are referred to as non-fungible tokens. Tokens have individual values that can change over time.

Fans who have previously been passive are now able to unlock VIP rewards and gain access to exclusive promotions and games by using fan tokens.

Chiliz Founder Alexandre Dreyfus (CEO)
Enterprise HX Entertainment Ltd.
Chiliz founding year 2018
Chiliz Headquarters Malta
Chiliz Start 20.06.2019
Maximum supply 8,888,888,888 CHZ
Circulating supply 5.893.953.727 CHZ
Market capitalization € 1,203,672,938.91

A user's voting rights will expire based on the number of fan tokens he holds. This is comparable to shareholders within a private corporation.

Buy CHZ: Why Chiliz Coin?

How does Chiliz work?

Through the platform, sports teams currently have the opportunity to launch their own tokens and sell them to fans against Chiliz. On the platform, a certain amount of fan tokens are generated each time a new team is recruited and then sold against Chiliz. As a result, fans have the opportunity to participate in surveys, competitions, or sweepstakes.

In the case of sports clubs, the sale of their own fan tokens represents an additional income source and a closer relationship with their important fans around the globe. Fan tokens can be traded against Chiliz as a governess token on your own exchange. Other tradable currency pairs on the Chiliz Exchange are up-to-date:

What makes Chiliz unique?

Chiliz and Socios are currently the most innovative concepts on the market. There is no doubt that more fan tokens will be introduced in the future in the sports sector.

There is more to Chiliz and Socios than tokens, such as the fact that sports clubs can use their own tokens to establish closer ties with their fans and fans can actively support their favorite teams. It is one of the company's achievements to date to have formed partnerships with major sports teams and e-sports teams.

chiliz coin

The strong partnership behind the project illustrates the concept's success. Among the most important investors and partners of the project are Finance, Venture Capital, and Tycoon.

The team around Alexandre Dreyfus dealt with the financing of the platform prior to the network's formation in 2018. Within two years, the company has raised 66 million dollars through private placements. No public capital has been raised for the project. The majority of the funds were invested in the development and construction of the app and the network.

How many Chiliz Coins are in circulation?

The current number of CHZ in circulation is 5,893,953,727. It was decided by the team behind the platform to limit the token supply to approximately 8.8 billion tokens. As a result of the limited number of CHZ tokens, a limited number of fan tokens will also be available, which could increase in value. At the start of the token and its network, all coins have already been minted and distributed as follows:

Do I need a CHZ wallet?

Chiliz token holders should be aware of how their tokens will be stored. The fees incurred by integrated tokens from exchanges or large exchanges make them only conditionally suitable for the long-term storage of cryptocurrencies. There are also security concerns to consider. Better is the storage in your own wallet.

Chiliz Coin Price Development & CHZ Forecast

Chiliz's share price performance in Q1 of 2022

They now have a total of 125 partnerships involving sports teams from over eight international leagues following the addition of these 27 new partnerships. In spite of difficulties in marketing Manchester City, these factors may continue to support the coin. Chiliz coin has been able to maintain a sort of sideways trend with a bearish tendency in the first quarter of 2022 compared to other cryptocurrencies. Even though investors experienced price drops of up to 48%, they typically purchased them back quickly. The all-time lows of 23 May 2021 were nonetheless broken, even in the short term. After exceeding the annual high on 30 March, the share price has been consolidating around EUR 0.20 since then. Currently, CHZ trades at € 0.1646 as of 06.05.2022.

Chiliz Coin Prediction: Does the Fan Blockchain Have Potential?

The question of whether a cryptocurrency has growth potential cannot be answered so simply with a yes or no. Due to the success of, the coin has shown little performance to date. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies that are new to the market, the price of Tether has been relatively stable.

Platform developers believe that their platform will revolutionize the sports community. It is clear that the token will increase in value if they are right. As long as the platform is accepted by sports enthusiasts and prevails.

Should CHZ be speculated in the short term or invested in the long term?

You may wish to buy Chiliz and invest in your favorite football club, or you may wish to speculate and make quick profits. If the price is right, both can be achieved with Chiliz Token. The best fit will depend primarily on the investment's goals.

In addition to the physical token sale, Chiliz can be traded as a CFD. As of yet, the coin has not been highly volatile, although it has been subject to some fluctuations in the past. Since CFDs are based on rising or falling prices, cryptocurrency trades are ideal for CFD trading.

Through leverage mechanisms, it is possible to earn a high return even with a small investment. At the same time, it is possible to lose your entire investment. CFD investors should be aware that they do not acquire the right to participate in surveys and do not support an association by purchasing them. Purchasing real Chiliz tokens is the only way to do so.

Chiliz is based on an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain as well as a BEP-2 token on the Bitcoin chain. As a result, Chiliz tokens can be stored in a variety of compatible and secure wallets. The following are some examples of how Chiliz tokens can be stored: Trust Wallet, Metamask, Trezor or Ledger.

chiliz wallet

When is the best time to buy Chiliz?

Since cryptocurrencies are generally highly volatile, it can be difficult to determine the optimal time to purchase Chiliz. Chiliz is definitely reacting to the volatility of the entire market, despite the fact that it has been stable in the past. We recommend observing the market over a prolonged period of time in order to determine a point in time.

It is generally agreed that crypto currencies should always be purchased when the market or the desired currency is recovering from a crash. In order not to miss this time, regular observation of the market is necessary.

Buy Chiliz Token Tips: What Buyers Should Look Out for

After investigating Chiliz and, we wish to share some tips with investors regarding what to look for before and during trading:

Chiliz and advantages and disadvantages



Chiliz FAQs

What is Chiliz Coin?

The Chiliz Coin is the utility token of the platform. Through Socios, fans have the opportunity to purchase tokens of their favorite sports clubs against Chiliz. Holders of the fan tokens can enjoy a variety of benefits as a result.

What makes Chiliz unique?

Chiliz rewards fans who participate on the platform by offering them Chiliz tokens for their activities. Participants can participate in surveys or contests to earn Chiliz tokens.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chiliz?

As of now, the uniqueness of the project is the most attractive aspect, followed by the strong partnership in the background. Currently, there is no project that rewards users for their activities on the platform. The token's disadvantage is that it has not yet attained a high level of acceptance.

Where to buy Chiliz?

Chiliz CHZ tokens are listed on several exchanges and exchanges. The best known are Binance and Coinbase.

Binance BtcTurk | Pro Hoo ExMarkets HitBTC
Coinbase Exchange Bitvavo DigiFinex
KuCoin Bitrue PayBito
Bybit BitMart Bibox
Huobi Global Deepcoin Chiliz
Bithumb Mercado Bitcoin ABCC
FTX Bitbns Bitay
Kraken CoinEx Bitget
Bitfinex Bitkub AEX
Bitstamp KickEX Changelly PRO
Binance.US BKEX
Binance TR Bitpanda Pro OMGFIN
MEXC WOO Network Pionex
Phemex Narkasa LATOKEN CoinDCX BTSE
Uniswap (V3) NovaDAX CoinTiger Exchange BitTurk Nominex
ProBit Global EXMO BitUBU
AscendEX (BitMax) EQONEX Zonda (BitBay)
ZB.COM Giottus Folgory
eToroX NiceHash Korbit
Okcoin BitWell
Binance DEX Vauld Bitcoiva
WazirX WhiteBIT Felixo
Tokocrypto Biconomy Exchange BigONE
Indodax XT.COM CoinW
Upbit Paribu Hotcoin Global
AAX Zipmex Aryana
How to Buy CHZ

How to buy chz

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Compare Cryptocurrency Markets

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You should register with an exchange that offers chz in at least one cryptocurrency pairing. Find the best exchange rates and the lowest fees when you purchase chz. Please be aware that some exchanges require your full name, contact details, and ID before allowing you to trade.

Create an account


Before setting up an account with an exchange, you need to verify your identity and email address. Keep your ID and telephone on hand.

Make Payment

make payment

If your exchange supports chz, you can buy chz directly using dollars, euros, pounds or any other currency of your choice. Commissions may be charged by some exchanges based on the amount of chz you purchase, so you should be aware of them before you make a payment. Payments made with credit cards are usually the most expensive.

chz buy

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Choose the currency you wish to trade on your chosen exchange. Navigate to the market page. The purchase of chz may be initiated by selecting the buy chz section and entering the amount of the paired cryptocurrency or the amount of the chz that you wish to purchase. We recommend that before you complete the transaction, you carefully review the transaction details, including the amount of chz you purchased and the total cost of the trade.