What is EOS

What does EOS actually do? Is EOS a good investment? What is EOS crypto used for? Does EOS crypto have a future?

What is EOS

Table of Content

  1. Buy EOS Coin 2022: Guide, Price and Forecast
  2. What is EOS
  3. What is the EOS blockchain and how does it work?
  4. What makes EOS unique?
  5. Important EOS information in the quick overview
  6. How to buy EOS - What is the most important thing to consider?
  7. Is it possible to buy EOS anonymously?
  8. Is it possible to purchase EOS using PayPal, credit card, etc.?
  9. EOS wallets: which ones are available?
  10. How does EOS mining work?
  11. Buy EOS Coin – Should You Buy Real EOS Coins or EOS CFDs?
  12. Buy EOS with a CFD
  13. Buy EOS as real coins
  14. Where can I buy EOS Coins?
  15. How secure is the EOS network
  16. The pros and cons of EOS cryptocurrency
  17. Frequently Asked Questions

Buy EOS Coin 2022: Guide, Price and Forecast

EOS is the native cryptocurrency of the leading open source platform. It is currently ranked 28th in terms of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. One of the best options for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies in a safe manner is to use EOS. IO.

The article explains why this is so and outlines everything you need to know before developing your investment strategy for this crypto asset. The article also provides information on where and how to purchase EOS Coin.

In addition, we discuss EOS wallets, mining, payment options and security. Finally, we provide a forecast for the potential future development of cryptocurrencies.

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What is EOS

EOS is the native cryptocurrency of EOS.IO Blockchain. EOS.IO is a leading open source platform that focuses mainly on blockchain innovation, development and performance. EOS. IO is used by developers and entrepreneurs around the world who depend on the creation of effective, transparent and secure digital infrastructures to make their projects successful.

EOS was launched in June 2018 by Dan Larimer and Brendan Bloomer. It was founded by Block.one and launched by Block.one. In June 2017, EOS tokens were first offered to the public. Among his accomplishments, Lamimer founded Bitshares and Steemit prior to the creation of EOS.

Developer EOS
Head office Cayman Islands
Founder Dan Larimer and Brendan Bloomer
Launch Date 2017
Coins in circulation 955.6 million
Rank by market capitalization #28
For these reasons, one should invest in EOS Coin
  • Native token of a leading open source platform
  • Focus on innovation & performance
  • Operating software for DApps
  • Large network with scaling potential
  • Goal to create trust, transparency & efficiency

It also helped develop the concept of delegated stakeholder testing. EOS crypto assets are needed to access the EOS. IO network, which is the operating software for decentralized applications (DApps). The main aspects that set this platform apart from others are the size of the network and the scaling potential of the project.

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Furthermore, the cryptocurrency was created and is supported by Block.one. The company has set itself the goal of creating trust in transactions, transparency of systems, and improved operational efficiency.

What is the EOS blockchain and how does it work?

The blockchain is a database that stores all transactions within the EOS network.

What makes EOS unique?

The EOS project can be compared to an operating system, such as Windows or iOS, however EOS is the cryptocurrency that powers the entire project. Hundreds of decentralized applications can be stored on EOS. The efficiency of EOS is due to its parallelism and modularity. Token holders also have the opportunity to vote for block producers on DApp internal affairs or on protocol updates.

According to some investors, Block.one's involvement in this project represents a certain degree of centralization. According to some, this means just the opposite of what the general blockchain and most popular cryptocurrencies are trying to accomplish. Other individuals interpret the term as meaning greater security and stability.

Important EOS information in the quick overview

  • EOS rate: around € 3.00
  • 24-hour trading volume: € 631.7 million.
  • Price increase in the last 24 hours: + 4.97%
  • Rank by market cap: #28
  • Market capitalization: € 2,935.9 million
  • Coins in circulation: 955.4 million
  • Main stock exchanges: Binance, OKEx, CoinTiger, ZBG

How to buy EOS - What is the most important thing to consider?

The following points should be taken into account before purchasing EOS tokens. These issues are at the center of all investments, especially those involving cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to buy EOS anonymously?

Holders of EOS tokens are not anonymous online. Therefore, EOS tokens cannot be used anonymously. Even if you would only like to keep them in a wallet, anonymity cannot be achieved. The reason for this is that all major online exchanges and brokers require some form of identification verification prior to allowing users to use their services and acquire tokens in the first place.

Is it possible to purchase EOS using PayPal, credit card, etc.?

Yes, this is possible. A number of brokers allow you to deposit via credit/debit card, Sofortüberweisung, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, or other payment methods. EOS Coins are then purchased with the topped-up credit. Additionally, PayPal's platform enables users to transfer cryptocurrency to third-party wallets.

EOS wallets: which ones are available?

Cryptocurrencies such as EOS can only be purchased and held directly through a crypto wallet. Hardware wallets provide the greatest protection against cyber-attacks. A multi-asset wallet may also be useful when trading several cryptocurrencies. As well as software wallets connected to the Internet, there are also paper wallets.

EOS runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so any wallet compatible with Ethereum or ERC20 tokens will be able to handle it. Listed below are some digital wallets where EOS can be stored.

Ledger or Trezor

In this context, we are discussing encrypted hardware wallets that utilize very high-quality encryption techniques to prevent the cryptocurrencies from being compromised by sophisticated network attacks or by simple phishing scams. Additionally, they enable the recovery of coins through a mnemonic seed phrase in the event the wallet is stolen, damaged or compromised.

Trust Wallet

Binance officially supports this wallet and it is one of the most popular among traders and investors. Security, convenience, and backup options are all provided by the software wallet.

Atomic Wallet

The wallet, which is compatible with Android, iOS, and several desktop platforms, supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and includes a built-in exchange that allows users to exchange all supported assets, including EOS.


The service provides traders and investors with a web-based solution that enables them to log in from anywhere. To access your money, one can choose from a variety of sign-up methods. To access your money, one can choose from a variety of sign-up methods.

How does EOS mining work?

EOS is not mined like Bitcoin. Tokens cannot be obtained by mining, they must be purchased directly. The EOS cryptocurrency has innovative features, which makes the purchase of EOS. IO makes it very interesting for investors. EOS pursues similar goals as the Ethereum network. You should take a close look at both of these cryptocurrencies if you wish to buy altcoins.

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Buy EOS Coin – Should You Buy Real EOS Coins or EOS CFDs?

A contract for difference and buying actual coins directly are two of the simplest and most common methods for investing in EOS. Choosing the best option will depend on the investor and the investment strategy.

Buy EOS with a CFD

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are financial derivatives that pay out the difference between opening and closing trades. Essentially, you are speculating on price fluctuations. A contract for difference (CFD) allows investors to trade the direction of securities prices on a very short-term basis and is particularly popular in the forex and commodity markets.

Buy EOS as real coins

The real EOS.IO coins should be purchased by investors who are not necessarily interested in speculating on the stock market. As an alternative, you can store them in a hardware wallet and hold them for a long period of time until the price has increased.

Where can I buy EOS Coins?

In addition to brokers, one may purchase this asset on a cryptocurrency marketplace or through a cryptocurrency exchange.

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Crypto Marketplace

Crypto asset markets are digital marketplaces where merchants are able to buy and sell tokens using various fiat currencies and altcoins directly from other users.

Binance GOPAX Hanbitco BitTurk
Bybit CBX BigONE NovaDAX
Gate.io Hoo CoinW Bitci
Huobi Global BKEX TOKENCAN Bitrue
KuCoin Changelly PRO Hotcoin Global XT.COM
Bithumb HitBTC Bitcoiva Giottus
Coinbase Exchange DigiFinex CoinZoom Dex-Trade
Coinone BitForex APROBIT WOO Network
Bitfinex AEX NiceHash BitMart
Kraken TOKOK Zipmex CoinJar
Binance.US Dcoin bit4you Deepcoin
Bittrex Bibox Crex24 BtcTurk | Pro
Poloniex Bitget Satang Pro Rekeningku.com
OKX Cat.Ex BTC Trade UA Paribu
FMFW.io Coinsbit Tidebit Bitvavo
LBank ZBG Coindeal EXMO
ZB.COM CoinTiger VALR Bitpanda Pro
MEXC BW.com AutoShark Finance CoinEx
AscendEX (BitMax) VinDAX Vauld Biswap
BitGlobal LATOKEN Klickl TimeX
Crypto.com Exchange OceanEx Billance Alterdice
Phemex Pionex Ecxx Cashierest
ProBit Global Nominex Decoin Bitbuy
Binance TR Folgory BingX Bitbns
PancakeSwap (V2) BTSE Hotbit MDEX
Okcoin OMGFIN Jubi Newdex
eToroX Zonda (BitBay) Mexo Exchange BitoPro
Tokocrypto Fatbtc Finexbox MDEX (BSC)
Indodax RuDEX Tokenize Xchange WhiteBIT
WazirX Korbit Bvnex Independent Reserve
ProBit Unocoin ViteX BitcoinTrade
AAX CoinDCX YunEx Kuna
Biconomy Exchange ZebPay Mercatox VCC Exchange
Upbit Bullish VELIC YoBit

Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide a platform for buying and exchanging digital assets. They act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. One can exchange digital currencies on these platforms for other assets, such as .B conventional money or other digital currencies.

How to buy eos

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Compare Cryptocurrency Markets

cryptocurrency market eos

Find an exchange that lists EOS in one or more cryptocurrency pairings. Then sign up with your email address and password. Compare exchanges when buying EOS to find the lowest fees and the latest exchange rates. Note: Many exchanges require your full name, contact information, and ID before allowing you to trade.

Create an account


To create an account with an exchange, you must verify your email address and identity. Have your photo ID and phone ready.

Make Payment

make payment

If your exchange supports EOS, you can buy EOS directly with dollar, euro, pound or any other currency of your choice. Some exchanges charge commission fees that vary depending on the amount of EOS you buy, so be mindful of the cost of your transaction. Note: Some payment methods have higher fees and credit card payments are usually the most expensive.

eos buy

eos coin buy

Select your chosen exchange to find the EOS match you want. Go to the markets section. Look at the buy EOS section and type in the amount of paired cryptocurrency you want to spend or the amount of EOS you want to buy. Note: Before completing the transaction, carefully review your transaction details, including the amount of EOS you purchased and the total cost of the purchase.

How secure is the EOS network?

To demonstrate participation, EOS uses a delegated consensus mechanism. Larimer invented this concept to overcome some of the deficiencies of older systems. As a result, the network is more secure.

Owners of EOS tokens can vote for the agents who confirm transactions. This was briefly explained above. It has the advantage that it helps avoid consolidation where smaller miners are displaced by those with greater computing power and resources.

Is it possible to make money by buying EOS?

EOS can be very profitable if you buy it cheaply and wait until the price rises again at the next bull market to sell it. For this purpose, you will need patience, as well as the ability to study the market thoroughly in order to determine when the price is favorable.

EOS: Price & Price Development

Over the past four years, the course has developed as follows:

  • Market launch 2017: Price drops from €3.50 to €0.50.
  • January and May 2018: two bull markets, with the EOS. IO price first rises to over 12 € and then to over 16 €.
  • From the end of 2019: Price stabilizes around 2 €.
  • 1st half of 2021: After the bull market in the spring, when the price climbs again to 12 €, it settles at 3 €.
EOS price development in the 1st quarter of 2022

As a result of the reorientation from a developer platform to an asset management service, there is dissatisfaction among the community. Additionally, a court hearing was opened against the Block.one team and their future profits were frozen. Nevertheless, EOS was able to avoid the bear market of crypto currencies by selecting a kind of sideways trend to the south of its annual opening price. Compared to other crypto currencies, lower price losses were recorded of up to 43%. EOS is currently trading for 1.90 euros, as of 06.05.2022. Support currently exists at € 1.752. However, it should be noted that the number of transactions decreased by 89% over the previous year. Furthermore, the volume also decreased by around 99% from USD 5.4 billion to USD 54 million.

EOS: Prediction – Do EOS cryptos have potential and a future?

To demonstrate participation, EOS uses a delegated consensus mechanism. It is intended to resolve some of the errors that occur in older systems. EOS token holders can vote for the agents responsible for confirming transactions.

When making an investment decision, it is important to consider this feature. One of the benefits of this method is that it helps to prevent consolidation, where smaller miners are displaced by those with greater computing power and resources. It makes sense to inform yourself in detail before purchasing an EOS in order to fully assess the potential of the cryptocurrency.

eos usdt future
Buying EOS - what you need to know
  • It is important to note that crypto assets are subject to significant risks due to their volatility and sensitivity to a wide range of influences.
  • Before investing in a cryptocurrency, it is important to analyze its performance.
  • Also, it is important to consider the past performance of the asset, but not to view it as a guarantee of its future performance.
  • A thorough analysis of the coin's origins, legal status, and relevant requirements should be performed before investing.
When is the best time to buy EOS?

Our view is that EOS is currently an ideal long-term investment from the perspective of a value investor who is willing to wait for the development of a valuable return. A year after the last bull market in spring 2021, the EOS share price consolidated in May and leveled off at € 3.00 during June and July. Prices are not expected to drop further at the moment - but may rise again at any time. 

The pros and cons of EOS cryptocurrency

If you are considering entering the world of digital currencies, you may have many questions. As was mentioned earlier, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive analysis before investing in a cryptocurrency such as EOS. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Successful, functional token in the real world
  • Decentralized Application Management (DApps)
  • System can potentially perform millions of transactions per second
  • Good position in the token ranking
  • Includes the most popular DApps on the market
  • Responds agilely to problems
  • Allows interaction with other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain


  • Limited functionality
  • Volatile price always carries risk of loss
Is it possible to mine EOS?

No, it is not possible to mine EOS. On the other hand, the supply is increasing by 5% annually. One percent of this amount will be used to compensate last year's block producers. Therefore, it is possible to earn EOS in a similar manner to mining by becoming a block producer.

Do EOS transactions include any fees?

EOS transactions are free of charge. It is important to note, however, that a third party may charge a fee for purchasing tokens.

Is it a good idea to buy EOS?

Yes, it can be a promising idea for investors to buy this digital currency. However, it is always important to research the topic thoroughly before making a decision on where to invest your capital.