What is Best NFT Projects and Upcoming NFT Projects

Upcoming NFT Projects - Solana NFT Projects - How to start an NFT Project? How to find new NFT Projects?

What is Best NFT Projects and Upcoming NFT Projects

Table of Content

  1. Top 5 NFT Projects 2022: Current & Upcoming Projects
  2. NFT projects: the most important in a nutshell
  3. How to invest in NFT projects?
  4. Best NFT projects currently
  5. Silks – An NFT project for gamers and collectors of digital racehorses
  6. Great Ape Society – An "Apeverse" NFT project with a lot of potential
  7. Lazy Goats Club – An NFT project from the art field for beginners
  8. How to invest in NFT projects?
  9. Other NFT Projects
  10. DinoBabies
  11. Starcatchers
  12. Loaded Lion
  13. AlphaBot
  14. PsychoKitties
  15. New upcoming interesting NFT projects
  16. Own Every Word: The Word Wizards
  17. Trees with Focus
  18. Caring Cats NFT
  19. Brave Tigers NFT
  20. What should you pay attention to in NFT projects?
  21. Active community
  22. Number of followers
  23. Long-term roadmap
  24. Support of NFT influencers
  25. NFT Artists
  26. Blockchain
  27. Development Floor Price
  28. Conclusion: Is an NFT project investment worthwhile?
  29. FAQs

Top 5 NFT Projects 2022: Current & Upcoming Projects

Exclusive NFT Art Collections can provide investors with high returns, a 10x-100x is not uncommon with projects such as Bored Apes, Meka Verse, Doodle and VeeFriends. The best NFT projects are of interest to crypto enthusiasts and investors. Using NFT projects and NFT art, a new asset class was created. Are you ready to join the bandwagon?

Please do not rush! As a first step, it is important to understand the basics. What are the best NFT projects in 2022? How do NFT art collections work? Which NFT marketplaces to buy from? How can you identify the best NFT projects at an early stage? Which criteria are important?

What are NFT projects?

The concept of NFT projects refers to a collection of NFTs created by one or more artists jointly. These are typically 100 to 10,000 NFT images that are stylistically similar or related, which are summarized in a project centered around a central theme.

A NFT project launches an NFT Art Collection that can be purchased from specialized and popular NFT marketplaces as individual NFTs. It is possible to track the performance of an NFT collection by using the Floor Price, which is the price of the cheapest NFT in the collection. An investor in an NFT of the NFT project becomes a member and can take advantage of other benefits such as exclusive events and online communities.

NFT projects: the most important in a nutshell

How to invest in NFT projects?

It is necessary to have two things in order to invest in NFT projects: a cryptocurrency credit, such as wrapped BNB (wBNB) or Ethereum (ETH), and a suitable NFT marketplace. Purchasing NFT projects via the NFT LaunchPad and purchasing wBNB in the MetaMask Wallet is the combination we recommend to our readers.

Best NFT projects currently

  1. Silks – An NFT project for gamers and collectors of digital racehorses
  2. Great Ape Society – An "Apeverse" NFT project with a lot of potential
  3. Lazy Goats Club – An NFT project from the art field for beginners

Silks – An NFT project for gamers and collectors of digital racehorses


A new project called Silks aims to integrate horse racing and games into an immersive experience. In order to create a virtual metaverse for horse racing, Silks will allow users to collect and trade digital racehorses.

As a result of Silks' partnership with some of the most prominent names in the horse racing industry, the team is confident that the Silks platform will revolutionize the industry. Through the Early Access list, investors have early access to the Silks platform. So, this could be an interesting opportunity for investors to participate in this exciting new venture.

Great Ape Society – An "Apeverse" NFT project with a lot of potential

ape nft

A new project called Great Ape Society uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create a digital world for monkeys. With its variety of features, the project has a lot of potential. A variety of clothing styles, hairstyles, hats, faces and more are available.

ERC-721 tokens representing digital collectibles of varying rarity also live on the Ethereum blockchain as part of Great Ape Society.

In my opinion, this gives the project a great deal of potential and makes it an interesting NFT project. Whether Great Ape Society will succeed in becoming a successful NFT project will depend on time.

Lazy Goats Club – An NFT project from the art field for beginners

upcoming nft projects

It has been known for a long time that goats can do what monkeys are capable of doing. As a result, the Lazy Goats Club offers a collection of 1,234 unique NFTs of goats for beginners. Several goats have been drawn by hand and others have been generated using a computer program based on over 145 possible traits.

A number of factors contribute to these expressions, such as facial expressions, headgear, clothing, etc. The project is obviously inspired by BAYC, since some goats are considerably rarer than others. Beginners will benefit from the Lazy Goats Club because it allows them to gain access to NFTs without investing a great deal of money initially.

Furthermore, the project provides a platform for people to experiment with different methods of creating NFTs. There are likely to be additional features and options added as the project evolves.

How to invest in NFT projects?

You will need two things in order to invest in NFT projects: credits of a cryptocurrency such as wrapped BNB (wBNB) or Ethereum (ETH), and a suitable NFT marketplace. For our readers, we recommend buying NFT projects through the NFT LaunchPad and purchasing wBNB through the MetaMask Wallet or transferring it from another exchange.

How to buy bitcoin

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Step 1: Install MetaMask Wallet

cryptocurrency market bitcoin

The installation and registration process with MetaMask is straightforward. Android smartphones and iPhones are supported by the wallet. It is also possible to install MetaMask directly in the browser by using a Google Chrome extension.

Step 2: Deposit money and buy wBNB


The MetaMask Wallet must be deposited after installation. There are a wide variety of deposit methods available for fiat currencies, such as ApplePay and debit cards. You may also transfer wBNB to your new MetaMask wallet address if you have already purchased or cached wBNB elsewhere. Furthermore, other cryptocurrencies can also be sent to MetaMask and then exchanged for wBNB using MetaMask.

Step 3: Link MetaMask to LaunchPad

make payment

The Crypto.com NFT Marketplace is now available for browsing. From the main page, you can either select one of the featured NFT Collections or use the search function at the top left to find individual NFTs or NFT Art Collections.

Step 3: Link MetaMask to LaunchPad

nft coin buy

Step 4: Buy The Best NFT Projects on LaunchPad

Did you find the NFT you were looking for? Great, you can now purchase the NFT. When you click on the NFT, you are taken to the detailed view, where you will find all the detailed information. In order to make a purchase, click on the "Place a bid" button (at auction), then place an attractive bid. In the event that you win the bid at the end of the auction with the highest bid, the transaction will be processed automatically, and NFTs will be deposited directly into your NFT wallet.

Other NFT Projects

How can NFT projects be improved in 2022? Is there an NFT Art Collection that has or promises to have a particularly positive performance? Here are five curious NFT projects based on analysis of the charts and popularity lists of leading NFT projects:


As one of the best NFT projects at present, DinoBabies presents itself as cute and memorable. A total of 5,500 Dino Babies have been created at launch, based on ERC721-NFTs on the Ethereum platform. Owners of Dino Babies NFTs are members of the Dino Babies Community, which forms a treasury and invests in other NFTs.

In fact, DinoBabies is much more than an NFT project - it is an animated cartoon show that has achieved great popularity. By becoming an NFT owner, you will have the opportunity to vote on future episodes and the direction of the show.

It is estimated that the floor price is approximately $500, 400% higher than it was one month ago. Transactions of 200,000 USD demonstrate the high demand for the NFT project. There are currently over 41,000 Twitter followers and more than 12,000 members of the Discord channel for the project. On OpenSea, Dino Babies NFTs may be traded.


A crypto-sky full of stars awaits the Starcatchers! A funny and amiable project, 10,000 algorithmically generated profile pics with skulls shaped in the shape of stars provide the heroes of this NFT. In order to create a brand that represents the values of our community, and bridges the gap between the Web3 and the physical world, the community-driven project aims to develop a logo that represents the values of the community.

Within a few weeks, the floor price of $900 has increased tenfold; the NFT project has a trading volume of over USD 3 million and over 3,000 different users. Over 30,000 members of the Discord channel and 99,000 followers on Twitter demonstrate the strength of this community.

Loaded Lion

This quirky and trendy NFT Art collection focuses on rich, well-heeled, super-rich Loaded Lions that were generated by the artist. There are a total of 10,000 different Loaded Lions in the collection, most of which were produced as limited editions, while a few were produced exclusively.

It is the first PFP collection to be launched in the Crypto.com NFT Marketplace that has earned NFT cult status. A number of impressive figures have also been achieved on social media: over 12,500 Twitter followers and over 5,000 members in the Discord channel.

With a floor price of approximately 2,000 USD (over 1,000% increase in value since launch) and over 4,500 owners, this NFT project has demonstrated its popularity and potential. The NFT Marketplace at Crypto.com is the exclusive retailer of this product.


Under the pseudonym bondy007., an anonymous artist has created the AlphaBot Society, a popular NFT project. Through variations in 120 features, such as body shape, arm design, surface determination, and more, 10,000 algorithmically generated robots were identified as the best practice.

This product possesses a floor price of approximately USD 290 (an increase of more than 750% in value since the launch) and a trading volume of USD 4.6 million. As of today, the AlphaBot Society has more than 9,000 Twitter followers and 6,430 members on its Discord server.

For inclusion in the Discord exclusive subchannel, you must own an AlphaBot. The AlphaBot is a unique item. Limited edition NFTs are not available. In addition to the NFTs being issued on the Crypto.com Chain, the exclusive marketplace for them is the Crypto.com NFT Marketplace.


NFT Psychokitties

Psychedelic kittens are the strange motif of these trendy PFP collections, which were developed by psychedelic-inspired artist Ugonzo Art. According to the story, a laboratory accident led to the unmistakable appearance of 10,000 algorithmically generated kittens.

It has already been released three NFT projects based on the iconic PsychoKitties characters, with PsychoKitties: The Rise of Mollies experiencing the highest performance to date. The NFT art is still affordable at a floor price of 300 USD, and a trading volume of 1.9 million for Rise of Mollies demonstrates the high interest in NFT art. There are over 4,700 different owners of PsychoKitties, demonstrating their popularity and wide range of interests.

Currently, NFTs of this project can be purchased from the Crypto.com NFT Marketplace. They are Ethereum-based ERC-721 tokens. Over 11,000 people follow the NFT project on Twitter, and over 4,000 people subscribe to its Discord channel.

New upcoming interesting NFT projects

In the area of the NFT projects that were just published, the best returns can certainly be achieved with NFT Kunst. It is possible to get in at a low admission price if you are the first to discover the best NFT projects and ride the hype wave upward if you are the first to discover them. In light of what we believe will be the best NFT projects to be launched in the near future, we have listed the following:

Own Every Word: The Word Wizards

A central figure of a magician, equipped with 9 different characteristics, is at the center of the NFT project by Own Every Word, including background, skin, nose, cape, magic wand, hat, eyes, beard and accessories of various rarities.

There are five completely unique and one-of-a-kind legendary Word Wizards included in the NFT Art Collection. Adding the Word Wizards to the list of exclusive NFT projects with PFP, i.e. "Profile Pics", is extremely exciting. It is important not to underestimate the potential of the NFT project despite a modest Twitter following of less than 2,000 followers.

Specifically available on the Crypto.com NFT Marketplace, the Word Wizards Collection is a beautiful and entertaining collection of NFTs.

Trees with Focus

Trees With Faces, TWF!, is a community-driven NFT project of 9,999 programmatically generated, wacky cool trees living as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the NFT artist behind the NFT project, but stylistically the trees are definitely a feast for the eyes:

There are more than 500,000 options for Tree With Faces, and each collectible is randomly selected from the options. In their own unique way, each of them has unique shapes, outfits, faces, and other characteristics that make them cool and unique. Every TWF! is unique and no two are alike.

The NFT Collection is scheduled to be launched in April or May 2022. The project is already popular on social media, with almost 30,000 followers on Twitter and almost 7,500 members on Discord.

Caring Cats NFT

Interested in cats? In the Caring Cats NFT project, 10 000 randomly generated NFTs are used to secure donations for feral cats on the Polygon Blockchain's transparent donation platform.

To expand its partnerships with leading animal welfare organizations, Caring Cats NFTs are now being sold. Caring Cats' NFTs and tokens will be promoted with funds raised from this sale.

The NFT minting will take place in May 2022, and trading of NFTs will be available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Furthermore, 10% of all donations go to the NFT holders, which is a significant amount when divided among the Caring Cats NFT holders. Approximately 90% of these donations are directed to the partner organizations.

Currently, the project has over 11,500 Twitter followers and over 8,000 Discord members.

Brave Tigers NFT

On the Ethereum blockchain, Brave Tigers is an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 NFTs that are randomly generated. Throughout their history, the Brave Tigers have lived in a peaceful wilderness until people destroyed their territory. While on the brink of extinction, the remaining creatures hid and awaited the perfect opportunity to fight back.

It is possible to purchase 10,000 tigers in different rarity levels, and they differ in features such as crowns, colors, and weapons.

As a result of the lively participation of the community, the NFT project has demonstrated its strength. NFT already has over 10,500 followers on Twitter, while its Discord channel has over 54,000 members. Pre-sale price for the NFT drop is 0.15 Ethereum, and the drop is targeted for Q2 2022.

What should you pay attention to in NFT projects?

In recent years, NFT projects have sprouted up like mushrooms all over the world. Talented NFT creators are jumping on the trend by launching NFT Collections with a wide variety of themes and motifs. It is difficult to distinguish the wheat from the chaff in the vast array of choices available.

In order to identify the best NFT projects, one should consider the following factors when analyzing and selecting upcoming projects:

Active community

A community is everything, according to many NFT creators and investors. Well, maybe not everything, but it may be the most important success factor. In order to increase awareness and the floor price of the project, their activity, discourse, and advertising activities are crucial.

Number of followers

The number of followers on Twitter and the number of members in the Discord channel can be used as shortcuts to determine the popularity of a project. However, bots are capable of distorting these statistics, so it is important to pay attention to the quality and intensity of the discussion.

Long-term roadmap

It is necessary for the project to present a long-term roadmap in order for the NFTs of an NFT collection to increase in value over time. Can NFT holders benefit from NFTs? Is there an exclusive community for attendees, special events for attendees, or any other benefits? Is it possible to airdrop an NFT coin or to collect it in the future?

Support of NFT influencers

Crypto influencers are largely responsible for making NFT projects known as they are with new coins. You should check whether well-known influencers follow the channel or provide more information about the project on YouTube or Twitter. The presence of NFT influencers in the project is certainly a positive sign.

NFT Artists

What is the name of the NFT Artist/NFT Creator behind the project? A well-established NFT artist with rank and name, as well as a large following on social media, can play an important role in the success of a project. It is also possible for newcomers to launch a successful project, but this is much more challenging.


There is a specific blockchain on which NFTs are issued. It is possible that the NFT project will be successful if it is based on the widely adopted Ethereum blockchain. Alternatively, less popular blockchains, such as Solana or Cardano or Flow, may pose a barrier to the widespread adoption of NFTs (since special NFT wallets are required).

Development Floor Price

A chart shows how the floor price of an NFT project has developed in recent weeks and months if you are interested in buying NFTs of an existing NFT project. While purchasing at an all-time high is not advisable, a small sag in the chart may indicate a potential buying opportunity, provided the other fundamental factors of the project are favorable.

Tips on how to find NFT projects early

There is no doubt that crypto enthusiasts and investors are considering how to locate the best NFT projects early in the development process - that is, before the big breakthrough and the majority of NFT traders appear. It has been demonstrated in past NFT Collections that this collection has a 10-100x potential.

NFT projects cannot be guaranteed to succeed, but there are a few guidelines that can be followed in order to identify the most promising NFT projects in 2022:

Conclusion: Is an NFT project investment worthwhile?

A NFT Art Collection is launched before the launch of the main NFT project. Being active on crypto Twitter and in relevant Discord channels is essential if you wish to discover interesting NFT projects. As part of the assessment, it is important to consider the quality of the NFT artwork, the reputation of the NFT artist, and the size and activity of the NFT fan base.

It is true that NFT projects can result in substantial returns, but this is not the case for most NFT collections. An active community should support the NFT project, and the team should provide a long-term roadmap with additional benefits for NFT owners.

What are NFT projects?

The term "NFT Projects" refers to NFT Collection Drops that are conducted on NFT marketplaces. Pre-launches are usually followed by main launches. In the hopes of earning lucrative returns, NFT enthusiasts can purchase and hold NFTs directly.

Should you invest in NFT?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are expected to be the biggest investment trend in 2022. A risk-conscious investor may find it beneficial to add exclusive NFT art to their portfolio. It is important to note that high returns come with a high degree of risk; therefore, NFT investments are not suitable for all investors.

Which NFT are popular?

Blue chips from the NFT Collections include Bored Apes, World of Women, Meka Verse, and VeeFriends. In the Crypto.com NFT Marketplace, it is important to keep up-to-date on the most popular NFT collections, since they often change rapidly. The most important criteria for finding attractive NFT collections over the long term are discussed in this paper.