What is Pancake Swap CAKE

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What is Pancake Swap CAKE

Table of Content

  1. What is Cake DeFi?
  2. How does Cake DeFi work?
  3. Cake DeFi Review: Benefits and Products
  4. 1. crypto staking
  5. 2. crypto lending
  6. 3. Liquidity mining
  7. Is Cake DeFi legit or is it a Cake DeFi scam?
  8. Cake DeFi Test: The crypto company in the detailed evaluation
  9. Cake DeFi Ease of Use
  10. Cake DeFi payment methods
  11. Cake DeFi App – How good is the mobile application
  12. Cake DeFi Wallet
  13. Cake DeFi pros and cons
  14. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cake DeFi?

Cake DeFi is a Singapore-based crypto company whose users have access to a variety of crypto revenue opportunities. By using Cake DeFi, you can invest your coins through staking, lending, or liquidity mining and generate ongoing income.

In addition to the earnings opportunities, Cake DeFi now offers the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum directly through its website.

Even though the name "Cake DeFi" suggests a decentralized organization, this is not the case. Organizing the company centrally allows users to access DeFi products more easily. Despite this, Cake DeFi itself is not a DeFi provider; rather, it is an intermediary that pools deposits from customers and invests them in DeFi projects.

dude Staking, Lending & Liquidity Mining
Founder Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua
Seat Singapore
Fees No lending fees, high staking fees, high withdrawal fees
Offer 9 cryptocurrencies
Demo account No demo account available
Deposit methods Bank transfer, credit card and cryptocurrencies
Important features of the Cake DeFi
  • passive income system
  • includes crypto staking, liquidity mining, and crypto crediting
  • No fees for deposits with Bitcoin and Co.
  • Direct purchase of cryptocurrency
  • Large selection of mining and liquidity pools
  • Wallet by BitGo
  • Available on desktop or as an application

How does Cake DeFi work?

Cake DeFi provides investors access to a number of DeFi products. Cake DeFi is not a classic DeFi provider, but serves as an intermediary.

The company pools the deposits of its customers and invests them in a variety of DeFi projects on behalf of the investors. Consequently, investors no longer have to deal with the different protocols themselves, but can easily invest their coins via Cake DeFi.

cake coin price chart

One disadvantage of this approach is that Cake DeFi controls customer deposits and manages them on behalf of customers. Cake DeFi users should be aware of this fact and understand that they do not have complete control over their coins.

Cake DeFi Review: Benefits and Products

There are three main categories of products offered by Cake DeFi:

1. crypto staking

With crypto staking, your coins are put into a staking pool to allow you to participate in different roles within a blockchain network along with other investors. It is not uncommon for staking pools to act as a validator, confirming transactions within the network.

The stake pool is rewarded with coins for performing this function. The rewards are then distributed according to the shares of deposits within the staking pool.

This results in passive income from crypto staking. If you stake Cake DeFi, for example, you can earn up to 30.5% per year 

2. crypto lending

By using crypto lending, you lend cryptocurrencies to Cake DeFi and receive interest as a return. Unlike traditional loans, crypto lending does not work differently: The investor lends his coins for a fixed period of time and receives regular interest payments over time. You will receive your coins back at the end of the term.

You can earn passive income through cryptocurrency lending as well. Taking part in Cake DeFi's lending program can result in income of up to 6.5% per annum.

pancake swap v2

3. Liquidity mining

Investors participate in liquidity mining by providing a currency pair to a liquidity pool. Providing the currency pair will allow trading via a decentralized trading platform to be possible at all times.

In exchange for providing the coins, investors are rewarded with the deposited cryptocurrencies and the so-called LP tokens. LP tokens and a share of trading fees make up the rewards.

One of the most popular types of investment in the DeFi space is liquidity mining, which provides high returns to investors. At Cake DeFi you can currently expect expected returns of up to 57.56% pa . achieve.

Is Cake DeFi legit or is it a Cake DeFi scam?

In essence, Cake DeFi is a reputable provider. The company is regulated by Singaporean regulators and must therefore adhere to strict legal requirements. Upon reviewing the Cake DeFi reviews, it is apparent that the income generated is usually paid out punctually and reliably. The fact that the income generated is paid out on time and reliably speaks volumes about the seriousness of Cake DeFi.

 Although Cake DeFi has many positive aspects, there are also criticisms regarding the co-founder Julian Hosp. Hosp has already been criticized by users as well as supervisory authorities in the past. Cake DeFi was informed by BaFin in January 2022 that it lacked the necessary license to offer financial services. 

 As a general rule, we recommend that you use providers who comply with European regulations. As a result, the use of Cake DeFis can be considered to be rather risky.

Cake DeFi Test: The crypto company in the detailed evaluation

Let's now review some of the important Cake DeFi quality features in detail:

Cake DeFi Ease of Use

Cake DeFi is basically an easy-to-use service provider, although there is still some room for improvement. Providing high levels of user-friendliness begins with the registration process. The entire process is designed to be simple and can be completed within a few minutes - this also applies to verification.

A simple menu navigation and a modern design characterize the provider's platform. Due to this design, you are able to reach any desired place at any time and utilize the many functions such as staking, liquidity mining, or lending.

pancake syrup

Cake DeFi payment methods

Cake DeFi now allows you to purchase the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and DeFi Chain. Payment methods include credit cards or SEPA transfers.

Anyone who has cryptocurrency and wishes to invest it in Cake DeFi can deposit the following cryptocurrencies into the Cake DeFi wallet:

Cake DeFi App – How good is the mobile application?

In our testing, the Cake DeFi app performed well. The mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from the usual app stores and can be set up easily.

Once you have registered and verified your personal information, you will be able to access the various features of the app. For example, you may be able to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from the app or utilize many opportunities to generate passive income.

pancake swap exchange

Using the app, you can navigate to the desired areas and see what investment options are available. You can, for example, lend your Bitcoins to Cake DeFi by selecting the "Lending" category.

Cake DeFi Wallet

Since Cake DeFi's services can only be used with this wallet, it plays a central role with this provider. For its wallet, Cake DeFi uses BitGo.

As one of the best and most popular wallet providers on the market, BitGo provides users with a practical and secure method of storing cryptocurrency. In addition to ensuring extensive security precautions, BitGo also ensures smooth transaction processing. Consequently, we consider the choice to use BitGo as a wallet provider to be a positive one.

Cake DeFi Security, Privacy and Regulation

Upon reviewing Cake DeFi's regulatory status, it becomes apparent that the company only holds a provisional license from Singapore's regulators. Accordingly, the company has not yet been fully regulated by Singapore's financial regulator and has some catching up to do.

Regarding privacy, Cake DeFi performs identity verification as part of its KYC process. This practice is required by law. Unlike other decentralized providers, Cake DeFi does not perform identity verification.

 Cake DeFi operates under a number of security measures designed to ensure the separation of customer deposits from the company's operational funds. However, we were unable to find any further information about the specifics of these security measures.

Is there a Cake DeFi demo account?

We do not currently offer a Cake DeFi demo account. Thus, as a consumer, you do not have the opportunity to test the products and services of this provider. It is a great idea to start a demo account in order to familiarize yourself with the various features of a DeFi platform. We therefore recommend that Cake DeFi introduce a demo account in the near future.

 Accordingly, we recommend that investors who wish to gain experience with Cake DeFi invest small amounts at first. In addition to being able to utilize the provider's services with little capital, Cake DeFi is also a suitable investment for those with little capital.

Cake DeFi support

Cake DeFi support can only be contacted via the contact form . You must always submit a support ticket if you wish to make a request.

Cake DeFi does not provide live chat or telephone support. A negative rating is assigned to this aspect since live chat has become a standard feature of good customer service.

Furthermore, you can search for solutions in the FAQ area in addition to contacting customer service directly. Cake DeFi has a clearly organized FAQ section with many helpful articles.

General Cake DeFi experiences on the internet

To obtain a complete picture of customer experiences, we analyzed general Cake DeFi reviews on the internet in addition to our own experiences. The Cake DeFi reviews are generally positive.

As an example, if you review the Trustpilot reviews, it becomes evident that the company has more than 1,000 reviews and a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. This results in Cake DeFi receiving the rating "Excellent". It is common to find positive Cake DeFi reviews on other forums, such as Reddit. Generally, users are satisfied with the possibility of earning passive income with cryptocurrency.

Despite the positive experiences, there are also some points of criticism from the community : Above all, the high fees for creating an ETH address and the high withdrawal fees are viewed as negative. We can agree with this assessment.

how to use pancake swap
Cake DeFi fees: You have to reckon with these costs

 Various costs can be incurred when using Cake DeFi. The provider charges the following fees:

staking fees

When it comes to staking, Cake DeFi charges high fees:

  • Basically, all rewards have a fee of 15% .
  • In addition to the rewards fee, Cake DeFi also charges a fixed monthly fee of $10 per month when staking.
  • The node fee applies per node and is allocated proportionately to the investors.

 Cake DeFi is well above regular market prices when it comes to staking, and is therefore one of the more expensive providers.

lending fees

 Unlike lending, however, Cake DeFi does not charge users a fee for providing the capital, since it receives commissions from its partners. In this regard, Cake DeFi is a very attractive lender from a fee standpoint.

Cake DeFi pros and cons

Here is a quick look at the most important advantages and disadvantages of Cake DeFi:

Cake DeFi advantages
  • Earning income from your own cryptocurrency
  • through staking, lending, and liquidity mining
  • can result in high returns
  • with high usability
  • Use with little capital
  • Regulated by Singapore authorities
  • Buying cryptocurrencies directly through the platform
Cake DeFi consHigh staking and withdrawal fees
  • No regulation by European authorities
  • Not a “real” DeFi company
  • Central organization
  • Cake DeFi controls deposits
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Cake DeFi Review
Is Cake DeFi a good provider?

Cake DeFi is basically a good provider. It offers its users access to various crypto-related services, including liquidity mining, staking, and crypto lending. Cake DeFi enables users to generate passive income through their coins. Despite this, Cake DeFi is not a traditional provider since it is organized centrally.

What offers are there at Cake DeFi?

A wide range of services are offered by Cake DeFi, including staking, lending, borrowing, and liquidity mining. Several cryptocurrencies can also be purchased directly from Cake DeFi. This offer has enabled Cake DeFi to establish itself on the crypto market over the past few years. However, Cake DeFi's offer is relatively limited in comparison to other providers.

Where is Cake DeFi located?

Cake DeFi is headquartered in Singapore and therefore subject to the regulations of the local financial supervisory authority.

Does Cake DeFi have a future?

Based on the demand for DeFi products expected to grow continuously over the next few years, Cake DeFi has fundamentally positive prospects for the future. The strong competition, however, may result in Cake DeFi losing market share in the future..

How to buy Cake PancakeSwap

How to buy cake

Estimated Cost


Estimated Total Time

5 min

What is necessary:

ID Card

E Mail

Phone Number

Payment Method

Tool: A cryptocurrency market.

Compare Cryptocurrency Markets

cryptocurrency market cake

Search for an exchange that lists ETH in one or more cryptocurrency pairings. Register with your email address and password. Compare exchanges when purchasing ETH in order to find the lowest fees and the most recent exchange rates. Note: Many exchanges require your full name, contact information, and ID before allowing you to trade.

Create an account


To open an account with an exchange, make sure your email address and identity are verified. Bring a copy of your ID and your phone with you.

Make Payment

make payment

If your exchange supports Ethereum, you can purchase it directly with dollars, euros, pounds or any other currency of your choice. It is important to note that some exchanges charge commissions based on the amount of ETH you purchase, so be aware of the costs involved. There are some payment methods that have higher fees. Credit card payments are typically the most expensive.

cake buy

cake coin buy

Choose your preferred exchange to find an ETH match that meets your needs. Click on the markets tab. The Buy ETH section allows you to enter the amount of paired cryptocurrency you wish to spend or the amount of ETH you wish to purchase. Please review your transaction details before completing the purchase, including the amount of Ethereum you purchased and the total cost of the transaction.

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